Funny photos about how there are two types of people.

37 Funny Pictures That Perfectly Describe The Duality Of Man

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Funny meme about boys locker room, girls locker room.

'Boys Locker Room' Memes Are Perfect Sh*tposts Filled With Nostalgia

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Funny meme about guys flexing their dicks for women.
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Sorry Natashas

Tweet that reads, "Can't trust any girl named Natasha because Natasha spelt backwards is 'Ah, Satan'"
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Funny meme about how nobody likes you.
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So Much In Common

boys funny memes Memes girls depression depressing memes dating - 9226347008
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What Friends?

Funny meme about dating, relationships, girls, stevie wonder.
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Funny, random memes.

29 Side-Splitting Memes To Help You Waste Your Time

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Sad But True

Funny meme about sad people becuase women poop.
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Funny meme about moms.
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Mystery: Solved

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This Meme Never Gets Old

Funny meme about farting.
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It's Hard Out There For A Dweeb

Photo of an Asian boy talking about how he doesn't see girls as people
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Funny memes and web comics about girls, women, relationships.

16 Funny Comics Most Women Will Relate To

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how to pick up girls online

The Ultimate Guide To Picking Up Girls Online

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Twitter asks people to name a badder bitch than Taylor swift, girl power, strong women of history.

Twitter User Gets Schooled After Asking People To Name A Badder B*tch Than Taylor Swift

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