Happy Memeversary, Chubby Bubbles Girl!

Wanna feel old? It's been 8 years since Chubby Bubbles Girl became a viral Photoshop meme sensation! The details behind the photo of the yellow-clad kid are unknown, but the image first appeared on 4chan on this day 8 years ago. 

The image, in which the girl appears to be running away from something, became popular on various Photoshop threads. It caught the eye of Buzzfeed editor Scott Lamb (then a power user), who posed the question "What is Bubbles Girl Running From?" on a thread, inspiring users to make their own Photoshop memes with the photo. 

To celebrate this meme milestone, we've gathered our all-time favorite Chubby Bubbles Girl memes. We hope she has a sense of humor, whoever - and wherever - she is. 

Collection of chubby bubbles girl memes for her memeversary, photoshop meme.
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