Tolkien Tuesday, funny lord of the rings memes, dank memes | How do say yes pirate? Aye, aye could do that Legolas and Gimli | Gondor Westfold is falling 11:20 Bookmarked here unread messages G Damn 's crazy Good luck tho 11:23

Tolkien Tuesday #23: 25 Incredibly Dumb Lord of the Rings Memes

Remember, dumb doesn't mean bad.
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Tolkien Tuesday #18 Lord of the Rings memes, dank memes, jrr tolkien, gandalf, gimli, saruman, sauron, legolas, aragorn, elves, frodo baggins, bilbo baggins, hobbits, reddit | Falling off roof as kid alright not hurt danklotrmemes Sleeping weird position 30s My body is broken. | Are seriously on phone while Sauron is about reveal his deadliest servant?

Tolkien Tuesday #18: 30 Dank & Dumb 'Lord Of The Rings' Memes

The perfect accompaniment for Second Breakfast.
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Funny lord of the rings memes, dank memes, lotr memes, orcs, stupid memes, tolkien tuesdays, hobbits, elves, funny | Pippin the hobbit as Indiana Jones swiping the idol | Dwarves delved too greedily and too deep Balrog Morgoth: and took personally Michael Jordan

Tolkien Tuesday #17: 50 Dank And Dumb 'Lord Of The Rings' Memes

Where were YOU when the Westfold fell?
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Tolkien Tuesday, dank lord of the rings memes, gimli, legolas, aragorn, dank memes, stupid memes, dumb memes, lotr memes, movie memes, fantasy memes, hobbits, sauron, orcs, uruk hai | generalgrievousdatingsim Follow Lord Rings trilogy if Merry and Pippin had gun Lord Rings trilogy Defeating Sauron Taking gun away Merry and Pippin | Legolas, two already on seventeen and took personally

Tolkien Tuesday #14: Fresh And Funny Lord Of The Rings Memes

Where was YOU when the Westfold fell?
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funny lord of the rings memes dank memes stupid memes tolkien tuesdays | Aragorn watches Nazgul stab some pillows laughing Leonardo DiCaprio | Airport Metal detector goes off Airport security has got its nasty little pocketses? Gollum

Tolkien Tuesdays: 35 Dank and Dumb Lord Of The Rings Memes

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tolkien tuesdays: lord of the rings memes, dank memes, leonardo dicaprio memes, funny memes, lotr, shitposts, gandalf, frodo, elijah wood, ian mckellen jrr tolkien | Bilbo Gets cup Smaug: OCTOBEX O'm never gonna financially recover this | Gandalf people Rohan let him keep his "walking stick"

Tolkien Tuesdays: 32 Freshly Harvested Lord Of The Rings Memes

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Funny lord of the rings memes, tolkien tuesdays, dank memes, dumb memes, stupid shitposts, lord of the rings shitposting, lord of the rings shireposting, lotr memes, ian mckellen viggo mortensen elijah wood | Don't claim be 90s if don't know this boy band. Hobbit actors | She only cheated one time man why can't forgive her? ONE DOES NOT SIMP

Tolkien Tuesday: 25 Lord of the Rings Memes Of Varying Dumbness

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Funny and dank lord of the rings memes | Dwarves Moria calmly mining their mithril Balrog: Bonjour bear | CAN SEE refuse Wear Mask. THERE ARE MARKINGS S SOME FORM SELFISH. Frodo reading the writing on the ring

Twenty-Six Dank & Dumb Lord Of The Rings Memes

Memes to rule them all.
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Dank and funny Lord of the rings memes, lotr, jrr tolkien, tolkien memes, orcs, gollum, gandalf, tiger king, legolas, orcs | Due decreased pollution, Mount Doom is now visible Shire. ORDRINGS SHIREPOSTING | Bilbo takes one piece gold hoard Smaug am never going financiallý recover this Joe Exotic

Dank Lord Of The Rings Memes For The Bored Tolkien-Heads

A nice mix of old and new.
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funny memes, funny tweets, shrek memes, lord of the rings memes, gimli, dank memes, twitter memes | lotr lord of the rings gimli dwarf: Bridge invented 130 B.C People 131 B.C: Toss me. confused math lady: MY FRIENDS PLAY STRATEGY GAMES 30° 459 60° jsin xdhe cosx +C 10 sin igx +C. COs tan 60 dx +C sinx 30° eiad arcig +x Aac PLAY STRATEGY GAMES Do really look lke guy with plan?

A Crap Ton Of Memes For Discerning Time Wasters

Give in to your procrastination.
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Funny memes about Lord of the Rings, meme of frodo baggins played by elijah wood snorkeling, protec and attac meme about gandalf, played by ian mckellen.

28 Lord Of The Rings Memes For The Tolkien-Obsessed

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Gym Life

gym sad but true gimli funny - 7802230016
By spartan117andSully

Gimli From LOTR Totally Looks Like Mike Portnoy

Lord of the Rings totally looks like gimli funny - 7786316544
By Unknown

Quick Someone Toss Him

Lord of the Rings gimli funny - 4013373952
See all captions By jdog1376

We'll Call It a Draw

star wars Lord of the Rings Movie Death Star gimli - 6826701568
By Daz_Voz

Lord of the Product Placement

Lord of the Rings Movie gimli Product Placement - 6815679744
By Unknown