A Gift That Says It All

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Via Unearthed Comics
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...YOU Open It

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By Unknown

Just Blame Jimmy Kimmel For The Stuffies

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The Day You Realize Your Childhood Has Died

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By Unknown

Self Awareness

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Via Mister Hayden

A Special Gift

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By muttleythedog

Father's Day in a Nutshell

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By Unknown

Need an Idea of What to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day?

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By Unknown

Like Your Present? I Made It Myself...

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By edropus

Little? Excuse Me?

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By shrugy

Not the Bees!

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By Unknown

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

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By Unknown

iAm Going to Kill You

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By Unknown

Birthdays and Anniversaries Made Easy!

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By Unknown

My Eyes!

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By marslaza