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Funniest Gift Giving Memes About the Perils of Presents

Thanks, I love it
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Woman Shares Gifts She Receives From Birds She Feeds In Charming Thread

So sweet
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Guy Gets Girlfriend Identical Gift To Last Christmas, Realizes He’s Not Alone

Bonus points for imagination
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Devious Thread Mulls Over The Worst $100 Christmas Gift To Buy

Evil genius
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Women Put Their Foot Down Over Disappointing Gift Idea

So thoughtful...
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funny askreddit thread about the worst birthday gifts people have ever received | JPO_5x5 11h 8 Awards 8 years old growing sunflowers with my mom one summer. My aunt decided get some fertilizer flowers my birtbday. On my birthday unwrapped my present and saw looked like tub vanilla ice cream, but opened there literal horse shit.

20 Disappointed People Describe The Worst Birthday Gifts They Ever Received

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Redditors / reddit share WTF gifts they've received, holidays, gift-giving

Bewildered Redditors Share The Most WTF Gifts They've Ever Received

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fake products

18 Totally Fake And Bizarre Products That We Desperately Wish Were Real

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Eh, F*ck It

Caption that reads, "Wrapping Christmas presents: beginning of the roll vs. end of the roll" above a pic of a neatly wrapped present next to a pic of a present wrapped scantily with wrapping paper
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Wholesome story about christmas.

This Wholesome Christmas Twitter Thread Is A Gift To The Whole World

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Aww, You Shouldn't Have!

Caption that reads, "When you get them something you really wanted for yourself" above a pic of nicolas Cage surprising a woman with the Declaration of Independence
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cover image about maria Carey during Christmas, Christmas rules

17 Christmas Memes To Kick Off The Holiday Season Right

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cover image of a Walmart vest for sale, hunger games sending good luck to shoppers on black Friday

16 Soul-Sucking Black Friday Memes For The Consumerist In You

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I Ain't Got No Money

Caption that reads, "When your friend asks if you're gonna get them a gift for Christmas" above a pic of someone putting a bow on a chihuahua with text overlay that reads, "I am the gift"
Via Kohupiim

The Perfect Gift!

Fake advertisement for 'bread gloves' that can make anything into a sandwich
Via CaptainClassyPants

Pure Ecstasy

Funny meme about when your scissors start to glide through the wrapping paper while you are wrapping gifts.
Via gameofloans
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