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Funniest Prehistoric Memes for Lovers of All Things Primordial

Before everything, there were dinosaurs.
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Geography Nerd Guesses Where He Is On Google Maps In Under A Second, Gets It Eerily Accurate

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Article About Dude Who Can Identify Exact Locations of Streets Just By Looking At Them

Creepy Dude Identifies Exact Location from Viral Video with Google Maps

Is it safe to post a picture of your house? An Instagram story of your street? Are stalkers snooping on your social media to find your exact location on a map? Well, yes and no.
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Americans Describe the States They Live In Without Revealing Names in Funny Thread

America is a big, beautiful mess. Each state has its own unique identity, some so distinct that many Americans can easily recognize a state based on a few key characteristics. Redditor u/Thomas_The_Llama recently prompted the people of r/AskReddit to describe their states without revealing any names, and the resulting thread is very entertaining (unless, of course, you're not American , in which case you might be a little confused).
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Strange And Interesting International Borders That Bring A Literal Side To Geography

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Funny tweets in reaction to trumps colorado border wall comments

Twitter Is Having A Field Day Over Trump's 'Colorado Border Wall'

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Funny pics from terrible maps.

38 Hilariously Unhelpful Gems From Terrible Maps

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14 Terrible But Entertaining Maps That Will Not Educate You About Geography In The Slightest

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Fox News Is Getting Twitter-Roasted For Their Monumental Geography Mishap

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Tweet that reads, "I was home for Christmas and my parents cooked a beef tenderloin. I said, 'Man, Budapest is going to love this.' They asked who Budapest was. I said, I named my stomach Budapest because it's the capital of HUNGRY,' and that's when they stopped calling me son"
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Today I Learned!

Map of all of the lewdest-sounding city names in the United States
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Funny flat earth meme.
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Mind: Blown - Iceland Ireland Sea

An image showing a pun - map of the area between Iceland and Ireland claiming the difference is one sea - but it's really one C!
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Geography Lessons With John Oliver Highlights Places You Think so Little About You Couldn't Find Them on a Map

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Stop Pretending to Care


People Don't Often Realize Just How Big America Is

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