Baby Boomers Be Like

"I hate when old people say tattoos are a waste of money like okay Debra you have a cabinet full of expensive plates people aren't allowed to use"
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18 Millennial Memes And Pics That'll Make You Crave Some Avocado Toast

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Millennials Are Being Accused Of Being Too Damn Lazy To Go Out Drinking

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Millennials Are PISSED About This Completely Idiotic News Headline

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'90s Kids Memes

27 Dope '90s Memes That Kids Today Just Won't Understand

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So True It Hurts

Tweet that says, "If your 'tips on saving money' starts with assuming I pay $5 for coffee every day you already think I have more money than I do"
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17 People Share The Tired Sob Stories They Don't Fall For Anymore

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Works For People Of Any Generation!

An old and young couple ignoring their respective significant others
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Millennials Are Roasting Baby Boomers To A Crisp For Their Ridiculous Purchases

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What a Happy Family

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Foolproof Way to Tell If Someone Else's Taste is Bad

web comics music generations Foolproof Way to Tell If Someone Else's Taste is Bad
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You Guys Ruin Everything

generations phones complaining You Guys Ruin Everything
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Each Generation Has Their Own Way of Marking Time

generations webcomics Each Generation Has Their Own Way of Marking Time
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Eats at IHOP in the First Place

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The Current Generation Will Age Gracefully

sad but true old people generations web comics - 8425872384
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It Can Take Generations

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