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This Video Perfectly Points Out the Issue With Media Coverage of Female Athletes, By Treating Male Athletes the Same

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How Does One 'Be Legit' With 'Dude Wipes'?

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Statistical Gender

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Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics )

Bad Parents

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So Would They Be Eh-ndrogynous?

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Tropes vs Women is Back With Women as Background Decoration

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Is This Really The Difference Between Men And Women?

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Grow Up, Dude!

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Because We Needed Unisex Trash Cans?

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The Danger of Giving Your Son a Doll

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Via Maximumble

On The Oregon Trail, Dissing Can Be Dangerous

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Created by Unknown

This Says A Lot About The Kind of Man You Are

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The Last One Bugs Some Spirits

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Via Poorly Drawn Lines

Nevermind Then...

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Have Fun With That

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Is That a Protected Class?

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