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'This is so sad': Mom's neglected stocking on Christmas morning exposes holiday gender dynamics

Don't forget about mom!
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Men Share Secrets That All Men Keep From Women

Women are from Venus, Men are from Reddit
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'There are more than 2 genders': AI Generated Pride Month Graphic Sparks Goofy Meme

Tag yourself?
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'Shaming C-Section Moms': People Share Examples of 'Toxic Femininity'

Toxicity has no gender
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A compilation of wild and crazy tweets

Horrible Tweets That Prove the Bird App Is a Mess

Twitter used to be better. At least, that’s what my nostalgia-pilled brain is telling myself when I complain about the infamous bird app. When I was a kid, Twitter felt a lot less focused on mind-numbing discourse and more about retweeting the Anti-Joke Apple every 5 minutes. Now, you feel inundated with hot takes and the most absurd opinions ever concocted by the human mind every time you log on. It’s truly exhausting. One of the most interesting things about Twitter is that it hasn’t drastica…
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Woman Summarizes Modern Dating on Podcast, Starts Debate for Saying 'Like' 37 Times While Doing So

Defend valley girls
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Tradwife Gets Roasted For Insisting the World 'Condemns' Women Who Are Homemakers

Be unemployed if you want
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Inane Job Posting Demands Only 20-30 Year Old Female Applicants Over 5'2

It's no secret that some jobs discriminate based on age and gender. There's a reason that restaurants typically have teenage girls work as hostesses and servers and teenage boys washing dishes or bussing tables. It's not because one group is uniquely skilled at one of these jobs but because of industry conventions. There are still incredibly legal ways jobs can discriminate against certain groups. For example, have you ever applied to a job where one of the requirements is “the ability to lift…
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People Discuss Why Some Women Are Suspicious of Other Women Being Nice

Does it have to be this way?
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Deranged Takes on Masculinity That Are Undoubtedly Alpha Male

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A compilation of posts from incels who don't understand women

Insane Posts From Dudes Who Clearly Don't Understand Women

There are so many underbellies of the internet that expose just how much some men truly hate women. They are obsessed with dehumanizing women and seeing them as none other than baby-making machines, put on this earth to be a submissive companion for a man. Even though seeing such blatant sexism can be kind of depressing, it can also be kind of amusing that people actually think like this. My favorite trad hot take is that women were “gatherers” of berries and nuts in ancient civilizations, and…
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Straight Dudes List All the Gender-Based Assumptions That Annoy Them

Not all men (no, really)
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Guy Gets Shamed By Girlfriend's Parents for Not Being a 'Real Man,' So He Quits Doing Chores

Even in 2022, some people still have pretty medieval views on gender roles, like one redditor's girlfriend and her parents who believe that every man should be able to fix things around the house. Do they also believe their daughter should quit her good job and do all the housework and cooking? I don't really want to know the answer to that. When u/housework1998 vented to r/amitheasshole about his situation, redditors were overwhelmingly on OP's side.
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Men Advise On All the Most Fun Things Women Could Do If They Were the Opposite Gender for One Day

Expert advice
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A TikTok about a husband who thinks his wife pees and gives birth from the same place.

Clueless Dude Thinks His Wife Pees and Gives Birth From the Same Place

Guys of all ages can be kind of clueless about women's bodies. I know a guy who thought women could hold in their period blood as one holds in their pee. It's not necessarily men's fault when they know so little; Sex education programs have been cut for decades, and even when men start getting with women, a lot of basic information can simply slip under the cracks. However, one would think by the time a guy is married, he would be a bit more knowledgeable about the female anatomy. Unfortunately…
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Best "Bro Girl" Memes for All the Ladies Who Love to Rant

Chewing his ear off
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