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When it comes to this here tag of Funny Tweets, it consists of any attempt on Twitter at comedy, without the necessary qualifier of succeeding. We also keep a list of top funny tweets that might be more along the lines of what you're looking for if you want actual funny tweets.

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40 Basic Memes & Tweets for Unabashed Normies

Your memes are ready
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Informative Thread Explains What Cookies Are and What It Means to Accept Them

Websites are always demanding us to accept their cookies, but what if we don't want any cookies? What are cookies anyway? They're certainly not delicious sweet and buttery treats. They're something invisible and mysterious. Twitter user @wtfjummy recently tweeted, 'I be on websites accepting cookies not even knowing what that is' and we felt that. Luckily, people in the replies were right there with answers. Keep scrolling to see some mildly informative explanations and whether or not you should
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funny random memes and tweets

40+ Memes for Anyone Who Needs a Dose of Funny

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Funny memes and jokes that are technically true.

Technically True Memes & Jokes That We Really Can't Argue With

Pretty damn accurate.
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30+ Very Good Memes for Very Cool People

Easy entertainment
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Funny cynical memes about work | visual representation trying hold my shit together woman with multiple hair pins on her head | uncle Phil Fresh Prince of Bel Air weird person at work won't stop talking and trying be nice

Cynical Memes For People Who Hate Their Corporate Jobs

Work sucks
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30+ Top Shelf Memes for Humor Enthusiasts

A big batch of lols
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People Explain Why It’s Sometimes Necessary to Put ‘Lol’ at the End of a Sentence

It's hard to read someone's emotions through text. In fact, sometimes it's damn near impossible, especially if you're speaking to someone with particularly dry humor. Even the most subtle facial expressions can give us hints about the intention behind words. Without emotional cues, anything said is left up to blind interpretation. That's why people often turn to emojis and initialisms in text to make up for the missing facial expressions. When @SpookyGothLoser posted a meme criticizing the use o
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Funny tweets with unexpected endings and plot twists | Paul Follow @FrenulumBreve licking lips anticipation nervous never done bungee jump before. INSTRUCTOR: don't lick my lips again.

20+ Tweets Featuring Amusing Plot Twists

Twitter's a wild and crazy place.
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Funny how do you open tweets, cringe, pickup artists

'How Do You Open?' Tweets Put a Funny Spin on Cringey Pickup Artist Tweets

They make it easy.
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Cringey and uncomfortable memes, tweets, and internet posts

19 Uncomfortable Images For Internet Masochists

The horror!
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Funny Tweets roasting Elon Musk's new haircut, Miami, the fifth element, jean-baptiste zorg, art basel

Elon Musk's Haircut is Giving Supervillain and People Are More Than Happy to Roast It

It's giving...Zorg
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40+ Stupid Memes Because Nothing Really Matters

Memes to help you through
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20 Satisfying Times People Got Owned By Clever Comebacks

Got 'em
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People Discuss Whether ‘This Meeting Could’ve Been an Email’

Are emails really better than meetings, or do they both suck?
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Relatable Tweet Sparks Lively Thread on the Joys of Parenting

It doesn't matter which era, country, or parallel universe you're from—raising kids is always hard. But throw a global pandemic into the mix and parenting sounds damn near impossible to someone like me who hasn't yet been blessed with the miracle of children. Twitter has always been a place for strangers to vent to each other about all the little relatable problems we humans have to deal with on a daily basis, and parenting in the midst of a plague is definitely a biggie. @thetzechun recently to
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