Frankly, My Listener, I Don't Give a Damn

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Panda Dog?

dogs fry panda the internets - 6472921344
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Re-Framed: Why Not Both?

fry futurama murder sexytimes - 6485547520
Created by StEaKFriES

Need a New Sign?

fry IRL sign why not zoidberg - 6476893696
Created by m34tp4ddy

Re-Framed: God Hates You Either Way

atheism fry god trolling Westboro Baptist Church - 6483840768
Created by nearlymagicman

Can't Tell if She's in Pain

fry murder neighbors sexytimes - 6473671424
Created by EndlessEpoch

Mining for Melons

fry Japan minecraft oh Japan watermelons - 6437875456
Created by PetePete

Can't Tell If Trying to Bait Me

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Not Sure if Care, Is Too Awesome

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To The Vote Page!

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Gotta Impress the Ladies

brilliant facebook fry gym pointless sarcastic - 6441383424
Created by PBandJellyfish

I'm Dyslexic and I Don't Get it

dyslexic fry gifs mind - 6440042752
Created by Unknown

Bang Your Future

big bang theory fry futurama TV - 6434548224
Created by KooK

Given the Average User, it's Frequently Both

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Shut Up and Be My Background

fry phone time - 6428179200
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Shut Up And Suck My Coke

bewbs coke fry shut up take my money the n word - 6422309888
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