They're Usually One and the Same

best human troll worst fry same - 6757681408
See all captions Created by kamehawhut

Can't Tell What This Image's Alt Text Is

fry I see what you did there - 6218427136
Created by alivingspoon

Whatever It Is, I Want It

Pokémon acid real fry - 6578900224
Created by Unknown

Fry's Dog IRL

futurama fry dogs IRL - 6584954368
Created by Joe

Think Different

apple architecture boston fry Maps - 6630988544
Created by spezied

I Love Fry's Day More than Thor's Day!

days FRIDAY fry Thor Thursday - 6620181504
Created by jtcaseley1

Not Sure if Blargh

blargh fry gifs nigel thornberry - 6608474368
Created by November5

After 12: Probably a Little of Both

fry - 6593988864
Created by Unknown

Born Winner

fry high guy poker face - 6592694272
Created by Mememario

Señor Gif: Shut Up And Take My Fry

animation fry futurama gifs - 6592641536
Created by _C_A_T_

Who Has the Best Pokerface?

cards cute dogs fry Inception poker pokerface - 6474467840
Created by gavman101

So Much Wisdom, So Much Heat

fire fry warm wisdom - 6565760512
Created by Unknown

Yes, That's Just What Safari Needed, Internet Explorer

fry gifs internet explorer memebase meta safari - 6599051264
Created by t-gates

I Changed Once. It Was Awful.

change cheezburger fry meta - 6524419328
See all captions Created by bsouls4

The Solution To Our USB Problems

computers fry shut up and take my money USB - 6513965056
Created by Jazzure

Just Reality Setting In

depression fry life mature reality - 6474095616
See all captions Created by Krazor724