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Comically Brutal Rejections & Cringe of the Saddest Kind

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Funny and cringey neckbeard memes, justneckbeardthings | DONT THINK GIRLS ARE STINKY POOS! GIRLS ARE STINKY POOS! YEAH! diary of a wimpy kid Nice Guy 100 | Nice music ladies are very attractive am mod over at /r/theredpill. If are tired dating beta males, come talk Or don't don't really care (l am an alpha male and don't really care if want us or not) But if DO decide would like talk not care if do, don't be surprised if don't want play silly games know want, and take don't fool around trying

27 Cringey Neckbeard Memes That'll Fill You With Shame

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Funny meme about sex doll, just like the simulations.
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How Sweet

Text conversation where one person says they want to be more than friends; other person asks if they mean "best friends" and person 1 says no; second person asks if they mean "mega best friends"
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He's Still Out There Climbing

Text conversation where the guy asks the girl if she's single, and the girl responds with a picture of a guy climbing to symbolize that he's 'climbing out of the friendzone'
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11 Bros Forever Stuck InThe Friendzone

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Foiled Again

Funny web comic of a woman signing a heart to a man with her hands, then she makes the letters that signify "as a friend," the man has been friend zoned.
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Cold As Ice

guy is friendzoned heart attack
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When You've Been Friendzoned Your Entire Life

dating friendzone friends michael cera - 8796773888
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The Friendzone

forever alone friendzone - 8561672704

If M'Lady Would Be So Kind as to Give Me a Chance

forever alone okcupid friendzone fedoras dating - 8386545664

Just Let Another One Slip Quietly Into the Night of Friendzone

Awkward friendzone relationships - 8330803456

So Deep in the Friendzone, He Can Barely See the Light of Day

friendzone dating - 8214827008

Yeah, Why Won't Those JERKS Have the Courage to Ask You Out?

cringe friendzone fedora dating failbook g rated - 8285942272
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Sincerely, Le Edgy Gentlesir

cringe friendzone neckbeards fedoras dating - 7870226944

Forever in Le Friendzone

friendzone relationships rejected dating - 8404457728
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