Just Makes Life Easier

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By Unknown

It's Nice When You Don't Even Have to Deal With the Friendzone

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By Unknown

And There's No Escaping

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By Unknown

Found in Young Adult Fantasy/Sci-Fi

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By Unknown

Laundry Day Is an Exciting Day

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By anotaai

No Wonder You Feel There is a Friendzone

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See all captions By Tracy

Man's Best Friendzone - NO LONGER

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By Unknown

They Look Really Heavy

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By Unknown

Friendzone Level: Preschool

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By Unknown

Maybe I Should Just Tell Her My Feelings

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By Unknown

Subtle Social Interactions Can't Lead Anywhere Anyway...

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By Unknown

Way Worse Than the Friendzone

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By Unknown

I'm So Deep, I Don't Even Know Who I Am Anymore

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By Unknown

Sigh... Another Friend Lost...

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By Unknown

Helping a Friend Out

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By ninechrome

Who's Ready to Comment?

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By meganeguard