Red Flags Galore

Funny meme where the Eiffel Tower represents "their flaws" and the girl in front posing in front of it represents "Me showing off my new crush"
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Funny dank history memes.

47 Dank History Memes That'll Make You Feel Like A Scholar

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cross surviving notre dame fire

Cringey Notre Dame Tweet About God Is Getting Singed By Heathens Who Are Definitely Going To Hell

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Twisted memes, Notre Dame cathedral, cathedral fight, anime.

16 Twisted Notre Dame Memes That'll Take You Straight To Hell

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Wasn't Lying

Funny meme about bubonic plague.
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That Is One Thing You Could Do, Yes

Text conversation where person 1 says, "What's the first thing you would do if you were invisible for a day?" and person 2 says, "I would probably fly to Paris, find a street-performing mime, and beat him to death...the applause he would get would be astounding"
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They Were Really Cute For Five Minutes

Caption that reads, "When you drink two glasses of red wine while watching Amelie and decide to cut your own bangs" above a pic of Mark Zuckerberg in court
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Way Too Relatable

Caption that reads, "What I want vs. What I can afford" over a pic of a girl looking out her plane window at the Eiffel Tower, next to another pic of a girl sitting next to a dryer machine looking into it
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Funny history memes, military memes.

18 Military History Memes To Help Battle Your Boredom

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photoshop battle france

The President Of France Celebrating The World Cup Is Serious Photoshop Perfection

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Funny history memes, poland, europe, united states, war, world war II, england, france, italy, language, genocide, china, mao, nasa, africa, colonialism.

33 Hilarious Memes That Double As History Lessons

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donald trump cringe facepalm emmanuel macron trump france funny - 5427973

Trump Brutally Roasted For Brushing Dandruff Off The President Of France

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Hon Hon Hon

Funny meme making fun of France.
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List of memes about Donald Trump's imaginary friend Jim.

Have You Met Donald Trump's Imaginary Friend Jim?

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Nice One

Funny meme about the french aristocracy and how they were all decapitated, history.
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