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'Heave La France': 13-year-old dog mysteriously throws up French flag, entertains Twitter

It's a sign
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'France made me cry': Influencer complains about feeling isolated in Lyon, splits opinions on travel behavior

The Paris effect is real
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25+ of Le Funniest Meme Reactions to the Paris Bedbug Outbreak

25+ of Les Funniest Meme Reactions to the Paris Bedbug Outbreak

"Ah, Paris. The city of bites!"
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Opinionated Gourmands Argue Over Whether USA or France Has the Best Cuisine

The new foodie dilemma
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Europeans Share Things Americans Aren't Ready To Hear

To tip, or not to tip?
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French Woman Claims English is a "Simple" Language, Gets Schooled By Linguists

TikTokers gonna TikTok
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Workers Discuss The Possibility of a 4-Day Workweek

Not a bad idea
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Funny Times English Movie Titles Were Edited to Appeal to French Audiences

Ever see a movie title and think, “Man, they could do better”? Yeah, me too. While Cocaine Bear may not fall into this category, there are plenty of titles
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A compilation of funny and random memes

Funny Memes To Haha And Hoho To

I love when people have such unique laughs that simply hearing them laughing will make you laugh. It really adds some much-needed biodiversity to the ecosystem of laughter. I don't know about you, but I feel like my laugh has definitely changed and evolved over the years. I used to watch a comedian who herself had a loud cackling laugh. Sure enough, I was cackling up a storm for the next three years. In college, I would go to lots of comedy shows, and I developed a laugh for when I could recogn…
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Funniest Tweets and Memes About the Thrilling FIFA World Cup Final

Messi = confirmed GOAT
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Funny memes about Band of Brothers

'Band of Brothers' Memes For Lovers of the HBO Miniseries

I guess I need to admit that we don't all have the urge to watch gruesome, bleak, and violent war movies and read books about statecraft and strategy. I fully recognize that as a 34-year-old woman, this may be considered an odd passion or pastime. But if you, too, watched Band of Brothers as many times as I have, you can definitely understand the fascination with brave American paratroopers descending through a smoke-filled night sky in France. At the very least, one must have some admiration f…
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Funny spicy memes about history, wars, europe, united states, revolutions

Spicy History Memes That Playfully Poke Fun At the Past

Many people say we're living in unprecedented times, but we imagine there have been more than several periods of history that felt charged with the same precarious energy. This may be our first time really getting those rights taken away from us, but we all know that it's happened before. Which is pretty damn backwards. We usually have a blast collecting history memes for galleries like this, but it's a bit more bittersweet now that we're dealing with situations that will be memed generations f…
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Woman Perfectly Emulates That Pretentious American Who Returns From Abroad With a Whole New Personality

Woman Perfectly Emulates That Pretentious American Who Returns From Abroad With a Whole New Personality and Terrible Accent

That reverse culture-shock though
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Reddit users share common myths about their counties that are false, incorrect stereotypes

People Share Dumb Myths About Their Countries & Continents

Do better.
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Funny account @emilyinparasite criticizes Emily in Paris, mashup, photoshop emily into stills from Bong Joon-ho's parasite | Lily Collins taking selfie with Parasite actors and outside the house from the movie

'Emily In Parasite' Is A Scathing & Satirical Mashup Account

We love Instagram.
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RS Archer thread about people who voted for brexit, son, mayor | RS Archer @archer_rs 1d Long email original couple. They are very angry. Feel they have been lied not sure if they mean or UK government) and want "compensation again not sure who Want write letter confirming they knew nothing about e

Cringey Tale Of Clueless 'Brexidiots' Has Twitter On The Edge Of Its Seat

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