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Pls Give Me A Definition

Caption that reads, "Mom: Don't you have any friends you could be hanging out with right now?" Above a still of Eleven from Stranger Things asking, "What is 'friend'?"
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Me If I Get Married TBH

Tumblr post of a conversation where a woman asks her friend, "Can you ask him if he likes me?" Friend replies, "That's your husband"
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Nailed It

Pic of a girl leading a guy through a field, followed by a pic of someone holding their cat's leg in a similar manner
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memes for lonely singles

15 Uber-Relatable Memes For All The Singles Out There

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Tweet that reads, "Who are we? Single young professionals. What do we want? For perishable groceries to be sold in smaller portion sizes"
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Well, I'm F*cked Then

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It's Hard Out There For A Dweeb

Photo of an Asian boy talking about how he doesn't see girls as people
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Dating After Age 25 In A Nutshell

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The Saddest Aisle In The Grocery Store

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im so lonely

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It's All About the Confidence

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Forever Alone... RIP

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The Ketchup to My Mustard

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Sobbing Alone in My Bedroom?

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The Forever Alone Song

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