forever alone

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20 Witty Introvert Memes for Eager Outsiders Who Always Leave the Party Early (May 7, 2023)

I didn't want to come
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20+ Introvert Memes That Feed the Lone Wolf in Everyone

Gettin' real tired of running with the pack
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Old School Memes From a Bygone Era

We are not on the same internet that we were on in 2012. In just ten short years, the world of memes has exploded to become so much bigger than we ever thought it could be. New memes and trends are created daily, and unless you're a certified meme professional, it's challenging to keep up. Who else remembers when only a couple of memes absolutely dominated the meme landscape ? Back when I was a tween, rage comics were everywhere. There was a rage comic for every emotional expression under the s…
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Cringe posts, nice guys, facepalm | *looks my feet shyly and then youre pretty smart girl know right *blushes* Um pretty sure other girls are smart eyes widen bit surprise* THINKS MYSELF: oh no oh no she didnt like W-well its just boilogy men are smarter have higher IQ's on average. Like my IQ is 159 Anyway lets move on smiles cheerfully going block now *looks shock why thought were nice but youre actually birch guess all women are same now sighs, then sadly blocks before can block Aa |

Cringey Nice Guys Who Need To Cool It With The Role-Play Speak

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He Had Us In The First Half

Funny meme from a tiktok about having all your friends sleep over but you don't actually have any friends | just got a 4 person bunk bed meaning could have all of my friends sleep over and there would still be room for
Via u/LonelyNinja333
Funny memes about dating | Shrek bed sheets go boyfriends house and find this is his bed. Wyd? SHREK tek AMY @fanning_amy Marry him s shreksy time | get upset my crush who doesn't know they're my crush gets involved with someone who isn't played myself im fool im fool man's shoes DJ Khalid

Sixteen Dating Memes Ranging From Cute To Forever Alone

Don't worry, it's not *all* sappy.
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This Is So Sad

funny meme about being left on read, echo | Hi Echo! Echo! Echo! Echo! Seen 12:48pm Seen 12:48pm Seen 12:48pm I love you!
Via @memebase
funny dating and relationship memes | him: come over can't busy. him lead on 6 months woman jogging | Allison Raskin @AllisonRaskin Single at 23 have go out and meet someone Single at 29 If 's meant be right person will find my home.

16 Dating Memes And Tweets That Sum Up The Struggles Of Getting Back Out There

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Funny memes about being single

Single Memes For Those Not Taken (17 Memes)

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tinder memes and moments

18 Tinder Memes & Moments That'll Make You Really Appreciate The Single Life

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An Unfortunate Truth

Funny tweet that reads, "How's everyone's love life been so far this year?" someone replies, "My what now?"
Via BrokenRev

Nature Is So Beautiful

Caption that reads, "When confronted by females, a herd of vapers will release a large pastry-scented cloud in attempt to protect their virginity" above a pic of a bunch of nerds vaping at a convention
Via Alphactory

It's All Downhill After 30

Caption that reads, "When you're single and people tell you there's plenty of fish in the sea but your inbox looks like: ..." above pics of very strange-looking fish
Via turtleneckedflatbread

Every Time

Caption that reads, "Me: hey; Crush: ..." above a sign that reads, "Zero percent interest"
Via FishCoffin

Please I'm Begging You

Sign that reads, "What kind of train eats too much? A chew chew train ahahaha. Omg please call me I'm so lonely, I need friends"
Via jshelbs

This Some BS

Caption that reads, "'I'm single because the Lord has someone special waiting for me;' The Lord: ..." above a photoshopped pic of Jesus making a skeptical face
Via mg7374128350
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