We All Know The Struggle

Funny dank Spongebob meme about cracking your fingers | finger that isn't cracking mr. krabs choking patrick
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Can't Stop Thinking About This

Caption that reads, "Our hands have fingertips, but our toes don't have toetips...yet we can tiptoe" above pics of a guy pondering
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You Might Want To Get That Checked Out Actually

Someone asks on Tumblr, "Is three fingers too much?" Someone replies, "Not at all! Most people have ten"
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The Urge Is TOO MUCH

Tumblr post that reads, "When all of your knuckles crack except one so you have to try and convince yourself to be a sensible human being and resist the urge to break your own finger"
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Today I Learned!

Caption that reads, "Why do we have hands?" above several illustrations that depict, "Pat the moose," "Slap the bongo drum," "Shake stick at God," and "Oof ouch the water is too hot"
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I Can't Put My Finger on Why, But This isn't A Good Idea

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Let's Go Bum Rush the Store

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Mechanical Prosthesis

ouch yikes gifs fingers - 8548298752

He's Like a Cartoon

Sexy Ladies wtf fingers sandal - 3796787712
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Baby Have Feelings Too

gifs kids flipping the bird fingers - 8513023744
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Finger Puppet Hoomin

paws gifs fingers Cats - 8521755136

Kitty Tastes Fingers

gifs fingers Cats - 8516310784
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Can't Put My Finger on What's Bothering Me

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cups fingers why wtf - 2991763200
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Overly Flexible Fingers

mindwarp gifs fingers - 8464146688
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Freaky Flexi Fingers

wtf mindwarp gifs fingers - 8455294464
Created by ToolBee
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