This News Is... Excellent...

excellent fingers five Memes simpsons - 6120700672
By Unknown

My Carpet Was White Once

carpet fingers foul bachelor frog grease napkin - 5918973440
By Diego Alarcon

Fingers of Steel

fingers strong wtf - 5842714624
By el.carl2

One in the Drink, One in the...

cider fingers inside Rage Comics - 5753963776
By Ravathos


delicious fingers hilarious - 5649154816
By JMJMad1

Good Guy Greg: DON'T DO IT GREG!!!

controller eww fingers Good Guy Greg - 5644684544
By czarmx

Foul Bachelor Frog: Makes the Redtube Go Down

fingers foul bachelor frog grease keyboard lubricant pizza - 5468527360
See all captions By SevilKoops

Why Not Real Zoidberg?

face fingers futurama IRL squid tentacles Zoidberg - 5310959360
By Unknown

No One Will Suspect a THING

fingers forever alone picture Sad - 5273225984
By Unknown

The Battle for Most Forever Alone Wages On

fingers forever alone gang SpongeBob SquarePants - 5201440768
By ringmaster256

Type ALL the Keys!

colors fingers jokes keyboard Rage Comics type - 5218499072
By meganeguard

Misunderstood Mitch: The Scent of a Lady

fingers misunderstood mitch nasty scent smell - 5117198080
See all captions By Shadeaufax

Lick ALL the Fingers!

all the things delicious fingers lick - 5098919424
By Roylv21 (Via

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like... WTF Is THAT?

fat fingers hands kid what yo dawg - 5028791040
By Vintovka

Forever a Thumb

fingers forever alone hug IRL - 5061408768
By demozzer (Via

A Cheesy Victory

cheese cheetos fingers fu guy Rage Comics - 4966375680
Via I Raff I Ruse