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Chaotic Little Caesars Review Has People Bringing More Questions Than Answers

When we look up our local takeout on Google, we might have a few preconceived notions about what the review section is going to look like. Something something food quality, something something delivery time, at least one bozo complaining about the quality of the service because they forgot to add napkins. Look up the Little Caesars in Atlanta, though, and you’ll see a break in tradition: namely, a woman appearing to get dragged out the store by her follicles. This discovery was made by @aliyahI…
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Watch Your Back, Because Everyone’s Been Practicing Their Fighting Skills For Their Next Bust-Up

Trust no-one. This world is full of cheats, liars and snitches who we often don't notice until it's too late. It's about time that changed and we learned to defend ourselves. For the overthinkers among us, it's second nature to prepare for all kinds of events, just in case we're hit with a worst case scenario. Sometimes, that includes getting aggressive. This has become the premise for the "Practicing How To Fight" trend, where people show themselves finessing their brawling skills for potentia…
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Funny memes about Conor McGregor UFC Knockout Twitter tweets Dustin Poirier, Bernie sanders | went thru her likes boxer lying on the ground | Nighty-night @NotoriousMMA Bernie Sanders choking

Conor McGregor's KO Inspires Roasty Twitter Memes

Rockabye baby.
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Nothing To See Here

Funny meme about pretending that you weren't fighting with your siblings when your mom comes in
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Funny tweet from a Conor McGregor fan who got cropped out of a photo with him | tweet by erin safran if you're having a bad day just remember @thenotoriousmma cropped me out of our photo
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Sorry, Couldn't Help Myself

Funny meme that reads, "Me about to make a bad situation worse by injecting some ill-timed humor" above a photo of two monkeys in the middle of an argument and one monkey smiling deviously in the background
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Oh It's Over Now

Funny meme that reads, "When I finish arguing and I hear the person mumbling" above a photo of a semi-truck crashing into a car
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Funny meme about dating, relationship, photoshopping girlfriend's forehead to look bigger while fighting.
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Funny tweets about Justin Bieber challenging Tom Cruise to a UFC fight.

Justin Bieber Challenged Tom Cruise To A Fight And Twitter's Roasting Him To A Crisp

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Can't Win

Funny meme about typos when fighting with someone online.
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In Your FACE

Caption that reads, "When you and your friend argue and Google confirms your dominant intellect" above a pic of an ancient Greek statue holding up another guy's head
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Happens All The Time

Caption that reads, "When you're high as f*ck so you decide to knock all your friends out with a deer you found" above an illustration of a guy swinging around a deer at his friends
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Breaking News!

Fake news headline that reads, "New study reveals humanity just one 'coexist' bumper sticker away from world peace" above a pic of a car with the 'Coexist' bumper sticker
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Clever Insult

Tweet that reads, "I was arguing with my best friend, and in the middle of it she took her glasses off and said, 'I don't wanna see you right now'"
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Really Good Idea

Tweet that reads, "Thanksgiving and Christmas should be six months apart, Absurd to see those people again so soon. Insane."
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funny memes about siblings

15 Hilarious Memes That'll Really Hit Home To Anyone With Siblings

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