tweets pointing out male authors who write unrealistically about women characters and shows their inner thoughts on the matter

This Hilarious Twitter Thread Is Roasting The Way Male Authors Describe Women

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Bad gamer takes, offensive gamer takes, lol

Crappy Takes From Poisoned Gamers

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Stupid and funny tweets about phoebe bridgers smashing her guitar on Saturday Night Live Dan Levy | Mia Andrea @miagandrea ladies and gentlemen, my mom moments after watching phoebe bridgers perform | i know the end: Why she angry? | @mmpadellan Why did this woman, Phoebe Bridgers, destroy her guitar on SNL? I mean, I didn't care much for the song either, but that seemed extra.

Twitter Has A Lot To Say About Phoebe Bridgers' SNL Performance

Since when is smashing a guitar so controversial?
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A For Effort

Funny meme, amen and women, dank memes, marvel memes, feminism, feminists
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Funny dank memes about being a woman | woman yelling at cat Man ranting about never getting girl having seen all sexist memes he posts | is this a pigeon men woman doing literally anything Is this get my attention

Seventeen Dank Memes For Ladies And Femmes Alike

Memes for the ladies!
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Funny and cringey neckbeard memes, justneckbeardthings | DONT THINK GIRLS ARE STINKY POOS! GIRLS ARE STINKY POOS! YEAH! diary of a wimpy kid Nice Guy 100 | Nice music ladies are very attractive am mod over at /r/theredpill. If are tired dating beta males, come talk Or don't don't really care (l am an alpha male and don't really care if want us or not) But if DO decide would like talk not care if do, don't be surprised if don't want play silly games know want, and take don't fool around trying

27 Cringey Neckbeard Memes That'll Fill You With Shame

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Funny memes about the 'Manspreading Chair'

The 'Manspreading Chair' Is Sparking A Crap-Ton Of Mocking Memes

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Creepy twitter thread from @learningtosubm1, twitter cringe

Cringey Tweet From Creepy Kink Account Has Twitter In A Frenzy

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sassy memes

15 Sassy Memes For The Ladies That Will Have You Saying 'SAME'

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Meme about feminism, this is feminism.

This Well-Meaning Comic About Feminism Is Gettin' Memed Like Crazy

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Vintage advertisements that are offensive, drugs, masturbating, feminism, misogyny, men, women.

22 Offensive Vintage Advertisement That Would Never Fly Today

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A Feminist

Funny meme about donald trump empathizing with women, photo of him with balloons on his chest pretending they are breasts.
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Funny meme about somebody messaging feminists asking for the man in charge.
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Funny collection of rare steak memes dealing with feminism, amy schumer, terrorism, politics.

Dank Meme Roundup: Rare Steak

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donald trump parody feminism Video politics - 83434241

Women Have a Special Message for Ivanka Trump

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How About "Mrs. Dr. Doom"?

web comics feminism doctor How About "Mrs. Dr. Doom"?
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