M'Guild Decided to Meet Up

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They Can't Comprehend My Superior Intellect and Taste

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There Are Two People in the World Who Are Allowed to Wear Fedoras

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We've Been Wrong All Along

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He's The Only One

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Via Bobby Moynihans
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Lern How 2 Put on Ur Fedora to Acehieve MAXIMUM EUPHORIA

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You May Have Swag, But Neckbeards Have Class

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Blatant Misandry

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Blame the Fedora!

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Now I Can't Wear Something Awesome

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The Swagopotamus

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Fear Not, M'Ladies of the World! Your Knight in Shining Armor is Here to Protect You!

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Take a Hint

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Watch This Dog Catch Fedora on His Hed and Ur Life Will Be Change Forever

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