At Least You Wear Diapers

baby wtf diapers funny fart - 7856388352
Created by Unknown

Something Tells Me This Won't End Well

beer fat jokes funny fart - 7836724736
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An Unfortunately True Story

Bar Graph graphs funny fart - 7415927808
Created by ninjadogs

Oh, Because of Reasons... Okay...

black hole fart - 7125384448
Created by Woodfur

There's No Denying Letting That One Rip

fart - 7102510336
Created by Unknown

It Was an Accident, I Swear

loud fart Pie Chart - 5262037248
Created by GuyWithAMoustache

Every Single Time....

Home Alone sweet jesus fart - 7044107264
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Squat Class

poker face fart truancy story - 7008894208
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams

Explosive Fart

sports football fart - 7013949440
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That's Awful Nice of You

facebook nice massage fart - 6980600576
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Prepare for a Wet Landing

plane fart - 6938398976
Via Sofa Pizza

Ownership: A Success Story

boss job work fart - 6933301248
Created by strangelilvampyr

Holding in a Fart Rage

freddie mercury so close fart - 6923428608
Created by Unknown

That's More Like It

art fart - 6894210304
Via Pleated Jeans

Replotted: Actual Time Spent While Cuddling

replotted laugh relationships fart Pie Chart - 6840201728
Created by myheadhurts001

We've Got a Ladies Man Over Here

poker face oh god why gtfo fart - 6778632960
Created by IPotatoI