My Guts Were Wrong

gas fart love - 8334244608
Created by tukito14

Wild Fart

fart sweet jesus you dont say - 8330339328

We're Weird...

argument fart marriage - 8327675904

Getting the Next Step in Your Relationship

relationships fart dating web comics - 8321139456
Via Channelate

It's Like They Were Waiting For It...

monday thru friday rage work fart - 8310342144
Created by pruneboy

That's the Last Time I Do Something Nice For You, Stomach!

stomach fart salad - 8268940032
Created by loudwhitenoise

Died Via Methane Leak

comics fart funny wtf - 8228027648
Created by xyzpdq1

When a Confident Person Farts

haters gonna hate fart - 8219759872

No Shame

lol oh god why fart - 8211006720
Created by tentoes2

A Little Too Early

school poker face oh god why fart - 8210223616
Created by Blueberry1984

Farticus' Last Stand

trollface double standard trolldad dad fart - 8208441088

Everyone Has to Do It...

bad poker face fart girlfriend nothing to do here - 8195717632

One of My Greatest Moments

let it go frozen fart - 8126988288
Created by BenjingtonRilliomeKrafterScotters3rdMarigno

Mimes, Sometimes They Fart

dreams fart funny - 8158179840
Via Unknown

Silent But Deadly

ninja fart - 8119097088
Created by de4dloxMC
butt stuff prank Video fart - 59395841

Prepare the Fart Machine, then Toot it and Boot it!

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