Turn on a fan it's boiling. These airy and light memes and jokes will have you your head spinning. You can always use a Japanese fan to try to cool off and save, but don't be too enthusiastic, you might end up heating yourself up more than cooling down.

Fan Speeds

fan Scumbag Steve speed wind - 6155650560
Created by Unknown

Might Crash While You're Sleeping

fan IRL - 6095241728
Created by Unknown

Fallen Fan

FAIL fall fan gifs ouch tennis - 5977366016
Created by Unknown

The Leaves Want No Part of it Either!

double meaning fan Hall of Fame homophone literalism well - 5907076608
Via Punblr

You Liked Her Before I Will Always Love You?

celeb fan meme the internets Willy Wonka - 5868787968
Created by Unknown

So Close...

cheezburger facebook fan memebase Rage Comics - 5867255552
Created by nuno99

Stop With the Ad Homonyms!

fan Memes Music Willy Wonka - 5867633920
Created by Unknown

I Don't Want to See Football Lovers

comments fan youtube - 5776972032
Created by Unknown

Quote from a "Zelda fan"

fan Idiot Nerd Girl life nerd zelda - 5765920512
Created by TheManorexic

Take That You Dumb Pig!

angry birds fan gifs legend of zelda link pig throwing video games - 5731959040
Created by AlphaWolf1994 ( Via )

If You Ever Run Into Something Magical

Celebrity Edition disney fan photobomb - 5667846912
Created by jacobpacek


FAIL fan gifs ouch - 5645373184
Created by Unknown

Classic: Domo Arigato

fan me gusta Rage Comics - 5602286848
Created by Unknown

Ones music, the other...

best of week fan Lame Pun Coon metal puns - 5537741056
Created by itroitnyah
fan futbol Video wtf - 28946689

Creepy Fan Knows What You Did

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double meaning fan Hall of Fame huge literalism wind - 5415566336
Created by Unknown