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So Spicy

Caption that reads, "Benicio del Toro is just Brad Pitt with seasoning"above pics of both of them looking very similar
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Huh, They Really Do Look Alike!

Caption that reads, "If the singer from Foo Fighters shaved, he'd look just like the drummer from Nirvana" above a pic of Dave Grohl now and a pic of him when he was in Nirvana
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Another Ryan Reynolds Kill

Ryan Reynolds tweet that reads, "Three of the most beautiful, considerate and loving people I've ever known, and then there's Blake" above a pic of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and their two kids
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Wow So Lucky

Instagram pic of Ryan Reynolds next to Paul McCartney with the caption, "Have you ever had a dream to meet someone so badly and somehow it comes true? You're welcome, Paul"
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Okay For Real Though, Like Where Can We Get That Jacket...

Someone makes a homophobic comment on Twitter about Magic Johnson's son and someone else retorts saying that they're a homophobic piece of trash"
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