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People on Twitter Share Their Weirdest Celebrity Interactions

When you really think about it, it's kind of strange how people obsess over celebrities, whether they're award-winning actor heart throbs, or popular musicians. It's easy to forget that they are humans, just like us. And humans are weird. Like, really weird. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that meeting the star of a Marvel movie might be less than explosive,. And it shouldn't be shocking that maybe that energetic musician you like is actually kind of quiet when chilling in the real wo…
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never ask a woman her age meme, memes, funny memes, dank memes, meme format, trending meme, all three are going to lie to you, celebrities, scandal, funny tweets, twitter memes, famous people

'Never Ask' Meme Reveals Scandalous Facts About Celebrities & History

Never ask a woman her age, a man his salary, and a shitposter whether their meme is OC. All three are going to lie to you. We always welcome a resurgence of a classic meme , and the internet's latest revival of the “never ask” meme is revealing all sorts of dark details about the backstories of famous people . The internet never forgets. We've included a bit of context for each meme to save you from going on a googling frenzy.
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Funny Evil X Be Like, evil be like, evil be like memes, celebrities, musicians, politicians, viral memes, reddit

Celebrities Go Bad in Viral 'Evil X Be Like' Memes

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Funny and cringey tweet by Billy Ray Cyrus that reads, "Much to think about" above a photo of him looking pensive | queen quen @quenblackwell my therapist: so last week Billy Ray Cyrus O @billyraycyrus Jun 8, 2015 Much think about | eco sister @hiitaylorblake sounds good dinner? My girlfriend: Oh l already ate, sorry babe

Billy Ray Cyrus Gets Roasted For His Cringey 'Deep' Tweet

Soooo deep.
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Funny satirical video making fun of rich celebrities who think they're being relatable while being in quarantine

Hilarious Video Makes Fun Of Cringey Celebrities During Quarantine

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Mind-boggling twitter thread about how people seemed to age faster in the past, featuring celebrity photos, actors, pro sports players, musicians, clark gable, pat morita, karate kid | Ralph Macchio is about same age now Pat Morita at time Karate Kid.  And Clark Gable is 39 here.

Wild Twitter Thread Proves People Age Better Than They Used To

That skincare routine is clutch.
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Funny Jeff Goldblum memes entitled, "You Did It, The Crazy Son Of A Bitch, You Did It"

Thirteen Of Our Favorite Classic 'You Did It' Jeff Goldblum Memes

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Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Funny meme that reads, "Me when there's a new documentary about a serial killer on Netflix" above a photo of Anna Kendrick looking excited
Via Neviah

It's a Terrifying Feeling

Funny meme pointing out that Rami Malek always looks like he doesn't feel his phone in his pocket
Via NinkiFirstOfHerName
Jeff Goldblum as pop tarts, pop tarts flavors, celebs as objects

10 Pics Of Jeff Goldblum Lookin' Like A Snacc While Resembling Various Pop-Tart Flavors

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funny celebrities as things twitter threads

'Celebrities As Things' Is Our New Favorite Way To Make Fun Of The Rich And Famous

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Boo F*cking Hoo

Caption that reads, "Well b*tch I missed out on being rich" above a headline that reads, "Kylie Jenner feels like she 'missed out' on being normal"
Via AndeluI1Ven

So Spicy

Caption that reads, "Benicio del Toro is just Brad Pitt with seasoning"above pics of both of them looking very similar
Via valerikscorned

Huh, They Really Do Look Alike!

Caption that reads, "If the singer from Foo Fighters shaved, he'd look just like the drummer from Nirvana" above a pic of Dave Grohl now and a pic of him when he was in Nirvana
Via HellHathNoFuryLikeTheKrakenScorned

Another Ryan Reynolds Kill

Ryan Reynolds tweet that reads, "Three of the most beautiful, considerate and loving people I've ever known, and then there's Blake" above a pic of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and their two kids
Via JakeFromHighSchool
shoes, payless, playing tricks

Cheap Shoe Store Tricks Famous People Into Spending Insane Amounts Of Money

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