fake news

That's fake news. If you had a dollar every time you heard that in the last four years you'd probably be living on a private island at this point. So lets laugh at it in all its glory, fake and all.

Wow, Amazing!

Funny headline that reads, "Homeless Chicago man suffering from hypothermia makes miraculous recovery after someone from Wisconsin informs him 'It's actually much colder where I'm from'"
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The Health Experts Have Spoken

Funny headline from The Onion that reads, "Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving office, never coming back"
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Admit It, We All Do This

Fake headline that reads, "'I'll have to check that show out!' says woman who has already forgotten the title" above a pic of a curly-haired young woman
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A Chonky Boi

Fake news headline that reads, "Wide dog gets somehow wider, seeks help from God" above a pic of a stretched-out image of a fat dog
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When Will They Stop

Fake headline that reads, "Are Millennials killing the 'writing articles about the industries Millennials are killing' industry?"
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But She's Such A Good Girl!

Caption that reads, "Man who works from home keeps naming his dog 'employee of the month'" above pics of three employee of the month awards hung up on the wall
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Fake Trump tweet that reads, "Sent out 300 million texts the other day and not one person responded but okay"
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Hey Now...

Caption reads, "Somebody once told me..." above a fake headline about a pasta bandit that sounds similar to the lyrics of "All Star" by Smash Mouth
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