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That's fake news. If you had a dollar every time you heard that in the last four years you'd probably be living on a private island at this point. So lets laugh at it in all its glory, fake and all.

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20+ Silly Fake Celebrity News Stories That Are Almost Plausible Enough to Be True

Some of these could happen
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27 Hilarious Instances of Community Notes Debunking Misinformed Tweets

Fake news who?
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Facts Redditors Were Taught in Grade School That Turned out to Be Utter Phooey

Sending an angry letter to my 3rd grade teacher
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‘TrueAnon’ Podcast Host Brace Belden Started a Rumor About an Ebola Outbreak at Burning Man and Twitter Believed It

The internet is an incredible thing
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Explain Like I'm 35: Why Are Biden, Trump and Obama Playing Minecraft Together? (February 25, 2023)

AI doesn't get better than this.
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yikes, twitter, news, fail, the onion, funny headlines, facepalm, parody, satire, memes, lol, stupid people, gullible, fake news, funny tweets, fake headlines, satirical |  Onion @TheOnion Am Immortal Screams 90-Year-Old British Woman Embarking On Epic Post- Vaccination Bender TheOnion umm this is fake news did not happen. are talking about picture is right there | THEONION.COM City Chicago Working Around Clock Clear 18 Inches Bullet Casings Streets 102 13 Comments O Like Comment This is fake,

Poor Fools Who Fell For The Onion's Satire

And other satirical publications
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Funny Comments, Facebook, Twitter, Funny Headlines, Satire, The Onion, Parody | Here is ladies and gentlemen website hiring professional protesters s not conspiracy theory PROTESTJOBS.COM Professional Protesters ire startin 9! This is satire site and conservatives are idiots thinking its real | Toy Genocide Disney Under Pressure Remove Woody Toy Story Crimes Against Native Americans Satire prageru don't fight real evil and real racism oppose Woody Toy Genocide Toy Story.

30+ Credulous People Who Fell For Obvious Satire

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liars, cringe, fail, quit your bullshit, fail, bullshit, reddit, stupid people, twitter, lies, fake news, funny, memes, funny reviews | Here's paw under an X-Ray didnt know needed see this. These are x-ray's cat paws not | soldiers never owned slaves and had almost nothing do with north did not need start war slaughtered hundreds thousands teenagers US is only place ended slavery with war. Saint-Domingue, now Haiti, also ended slavery war Haitian Revolution 1791-1804.

Total Liars Who Were Called Out For Their BS

These deceivers got what they deserved
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Satisfying Times Liars Were Called Out For Their Shameless BS

The internet is full of liars
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Fake Rumor Of Elon Musk's Death Sparks Spicy Twitter Memes

No, he is not dead
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Funny memes from the subreddit /r/FakeHistoryPorn | Eric and Don Trump Jr. meet their new step-mom, Melania (2004) 2004 | Jeffrey Epstein's prison guards calling an ambulance (2019) 2019

'Fake History' Memes That Are Far More Entertaining Than Real History

These are pretty much useless, but still entertaining AF.
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It All Makes Sense

Funny satirical news headline that reads, "Ikea confesses that their meatballs are made out of people that didn't find the exit"
Via dragongod531337
Funny memes about the clickbait ads advertising "one weird trick" and "doctors hate him" | tweet by Fish @fashlifters Never get speeding ticket again 2020 with this one weird trick Municipalities hate him HAVE CORONA VIRUS | Dermatologists Hate Him! Has been 10 since 1997 Local Trainer exposes shocking anti-aging secret. Learn this one WEIRD trick his stunning results! LEARN TRUTH NOW Ash Ketchum Pokemon

Twenty-One Parody Memes That Doctors Hate

Dermatologists hate her!
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Drake Must Be Stopped

funny meme about drake texting baby yoda, headline about drake texting baby yoda referencing the fact he's been revealed to be texting with younger girls
Via @memebase
Funny parody tweets about the Amazon Fulfillment Centers being a good place to work

Amazon Gets Roasted For Creating Fake Twitter Accounts To Hide Its Sketchy Working Conditions

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Funny headlines from The Onion and people who believed them

15 Times Gullible 'Onion'-Eaters Were Caught In The Wild

Thank God for The Onion and other brilliant satirical publications such as Reductress or The Babylon Bee . Those of us who are in the know are able to appreciate their sly criticisms of society as a whole, and in the case of Reductress, the glamorous and plan-free lives of women. While their headlines are certainly always hilarious, the icing on the cake is always those who take the bait and believe every word. Do we feel moderately bad for people who fall for the satire ? Sure, but we also app…
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