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18 WTF Instances Of Utter Stupidity

Major facepalm.
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Everybody Has a Different Idea of the Smell of the Holidays

pumpkins spelling holidays fail nation g rated - 7946597632
Created by Unknown

Inspired by "Mouse Trap"

ouch gifs trap prank fail nation g rated - 7036338944
Created by Unknown

Sorry About Your Spine, Bro

ouch gifs fail nation g rated - 8426098432
Via opsas

Everybody in the Pool!

gifs swimming pool fail nation g rated - 8320359680
Via albatross49
On-Air Blooper whoops bbc Video fail nation - 64818433

Someone at the BBC in Scotland is Going to Get Axed

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The Braves Had Some Pyrotechnic Malfunctions, but in an Amazingly Patriotic Way

baseball america flag fireworks whoops fail nation g rated - 8140770048
Via Deadspin

People Sometimes...

people wat newspaper fail nation g rated - 7836765184
Created by Unknown

Is Anyone Working?

it's time to internet!
Via rags3

Ever Wanted to Hit the Great Outdoors AND Look Like a Giant Dork?

Via I Heart Chaos

Some Days You're the Dog, Some Days You're the Pole

Via Joanne Casey

She's Walking on Dong-Shine (Whoooo-Whoa)

Via crunchjunkie
ouch skateboarding bad idea Video fail nation - 68303361

Let's Have a Drunk Mom Ride This Skateboard, What Could Go Wrong?

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Never Trust a Knockoff Dress

Via Elite Daily
spiders spider Kill It With Fire oh god why toilet Video fail nation - 69235201

Not Even a Cautionary Flush Can Stop the Toilet Spider From Hell

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bad idea drunk cars Video fail nation - 69236993

Another Real-Life GTA Scenario: Punching Cars and Getting Busted

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