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Power By Beard Length

god beard facial hair gandalf wizards santa power magic - 6854080512
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I Mustache You a Question

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Nothing Better Then Some Good Side Whiskers

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What Your Stache Says About You

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Progression of Insanity

facial hair nothing to do here truancy story - 6619917824
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Sideburns: Windows to the Soul

best of week facial hair personality sideburns window - 6436900352
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Replotted: I'm Just That Manly

beard facial hair laziness manly Pie Chart - 6366673920
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Sometimes Laziness Is Manliness

beards best of week facial hair laziness Pie Chart - 6352796672
By lolfadi

Robert Upside-Downey Jr.

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GraphJam: Facial Hair Chart

facial hair hitler - 5756426496
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The Face Is Always Cuter on the Other Side

beard facial hair Jackie Chan me gusta Rage Comics - 5734590464
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Look At Mah Stache!

facial hair look at me Reframe ugh - 5552667648
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Laziness: the Leading Cause of Beards

beards best of week facial hair laziness Pie Chart - 5394513408
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A Source of Righteous Fury, or Overwhelming Tyranny

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In Honor of No-Shave November

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The Bearded Are Coming!!

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By wYoursTrulyw