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20 Facial Hair Memes for Beard Growers & Moustache Twirlers

Perfectly trimmed
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Cringey Haircuts That Should've Never Seen The Light of Day

Everybody has had a bad haircut at some point in their lives. My worst hair moment was when I stuck gum behind my ear because I wanted to emulate my idol, Violet Beauregarde, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory . Naturally, the gum got stuck in my hair, and I didn't tell anybody. Why would I? If my mom or grandma found out I got gum stuck in my hair, they'd be super bummed out. I took matters into my own hands and decided to cut out the gum myself. I'm 98% sure that my grandma noticed wh…
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funny tweet about failed presidential candidates growing beards | Voodoo Pork @Voodoo_Pork Every failed Presidential candidate eventually grows sad dad beard CLASSIC | Eva Cantor Give Orson Welles s PoRiverJamBand Replying Voodoo_Pork and @ZeeZeeMooMoo Like or not, this trendsetter.

Failed Candidate Beards Inspire Twitter Thread Of Zingers And Photoshops

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Just Don't Care Anymore

Funny meme that reads, "How people be coming out of quarantine after not seeing a barber for months" above images of different Spongebob characters with overgrown facial hair
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Funny comics that explain what your facial hair says about you | illustration of man with facial hair Chinstrap trying make think have chin

Hilarious Comics That Explain What Facial Hair Says About You

Choose wisely.
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Watch Out

Funny meme of a man with a mustache that looks like the batman symbol.
Via god
Collection of funny Superman mustache twitter memes.

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...Superman With A Hipster Mustache?

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It's a Look

Funny meme about a man's weird beard, looks like he sneezed and his mustache moved.
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Hair Man-agement

web comics facial hair
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Hipster on Top, Lumberjack on Bottom

funny memes hipster hair is the new mullet
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The Only Handlebar You Need

facial hair mustaches - 8126459136

Is That The Lorax?

facial hair Denver Broncos - 8012648704

Don't Ask Logic in This One

beard movember facial hair logic no shave november - 8380431104
Created by Sgt.Green

The Lead Singer of Smash Pumpkin Mouth

Via A Zillion Dollars Comics


beard facial hair - 8321165824
Created by Atillion

Ride the Mustache

facial hair shaving mustaches web comics - 8283638272
Via Dakota McFadzean
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