In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

There Will Be Cake ...

cake face slo mo funny - 7770814208
By anselmbe


face snowball funny - 7762251008
By anselmbe

Yes, Yes it Has

face wtf science funny - 7773590016
By meganeguard

Good Old Face Ball

ouch face FAIL gifs football - 7749113088
By Unknown

It's a Sweet Beard

face wtf beard tattoo funny - 7732908288
By Unknown

What's Wrong With Her?

megan fox face wtf funny - 7654879488
By Unknown

What's Wrong With His Face

beer face wtf funny - 7643526656
By Unknown

Oh Girl, What Happened to Your Face?

face wtf Japan masks funny - 7582817536
By Unknown

Evil Baby Plots Revenge

Babies face gifs evil funny - 7548004352
By Unknown

That Poor Bread

Sad face bread - 3135931392
By Unknown

Don't Stick Your Tongue Out at Me!

face shower Pareidolia - 3108574208
By Huntawoo

Right in the Face

food face - 7132807680
By Unknown

I Guess it Kicked In, When I Started to Read Manga

face mindwarp gifs trippy manga - 7085784576
By ace0fredspades (Via Ace 0f Red Spades)

You Face Is a Cat-astrophe

cat face - 7135608320
By Unknown

Nice Bike

ouch face wheels idiots - 3223600896
By ingall

Matchstick Men

face - 7104158720
Via Wolfgangstiller