In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

So How Does One 'Twitter' Then?

book doing it wrong face facebook literalism question twitter - 4773024768
By Unknown

Dude Looks Totally Coconuts

double meaning face facepalm literalism Memes palm Palm Tree tree - 4839937536
By Marcooler


dogs double meaning face FAIL high five ICWUDT literalism oops - 5622653440
By electrodinosaur

It's Still Difficult to Tell the Difference...

expression face happy opposites surname - 6157103104
By pcrackenhead

Both Look a Little Yoko Onclear to Me

expression face Hall of Fame homophone literalism no o suffix surname yes - 6179026432
By Unknown


face hilarious literalism long obvious question stupid why - 4683509504
By Unknown

Books Let the Imagination Run Free... And Sometimes That's a Weird Thing.

face misinterpretation literalism hit sun morbid description - 7113852416
Via Reddit

Duck Face

double meaning duck face literalism - 6610946560
By dolf1nluvr

Reason Number 1,307,248 Not to Trust Craigslist

Ad body creepy description double meaning face female Hall of Fame internet literalism lolwut model - 5121543168
By -Ghost-

I Find Your Lack of Face Disturbing

darth vader face lego quote similar sounding star wars - 6598967040
Via Reddit

He's My Favorite Marvel-Type Pokémon

Exeggutor face literalism Pokémon shoop similar sounding suffix Thor - 6415778048
By Faiz Faults

That Explains the Shape of His Nose, I Guess

face literalism double meaning plant - 6792164096
Via Reddit


face forever forever alone Hall of Fame literalism meme rhyme rhyming shape - 4590303232
By Unknown

Maybe She's Just Bipolar?

expression face literalism mood surname - 6151973120
By JanosP


face facepalm off-rhyme palm - 4495820544
By Unknown

Jeez Bill, What's Your F&%@ing Problem!?

insensitive face long lolwut evil literalism - 7101517824
Via Nathan Bulmer
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