In your face! Literally these jokes and puns are right up there so don't blink you might get smacked in the face by one.

Jeez Bill, What's Your F&%@ing Problem!?

insensitive face long lolwut evil literalism - 7101517824
Via Nathan Bulmer

Dude Looks Totally Coconuts

double meaning face facepalm literalism Memes palm Palm Tree tree - 4839937536
By Marcooler


face hilarious literalism long obvious question stupid why - 4683509504
By Unknown

ICWUDT Happy Chair Holdover

face Hall of Fame house literalism resemblance shape - 6333157376
By pedretta


face forever forever alone Hall of Fame literalism meme rhyme rhyming shape - 4590303232
By Unknown

Duck Face

double meaning duck face literalism - 6610946560
By dolf1nluvr

Both Look a Little Yoko Onclear to Me

expression face Hall of Fame homophone literalism no o suffix surname yes - 6179026432
By Unknown

Books Let the Imagination Run Free... And Sometimes That's a Weird Thing.

face misinterpretation literalism hit sun morbid description - 7113852416
Via Reddit

That Explains the Shape of His Nose, I Guess

face literalism double meaning plant - 6792164096
Via Reddit


face facepalm off-rhyme palm - 4495820544
By Unknown

Reason Number 1,307,248 Not to Trust Craigslist

Ad body creepy description double meaning face female Hall of Fame internet literalism lolwut model - 5121543168
By -Ghost-

Maybe She's Just Bipolar?

expression face literalism mood surname - 6151973120
By JanosP

It's Still Difficult to Tell the Difference...

expression face happy opposites surname - 6157103104
By pcrackenhead

What a Surreal Conversation...

double meaning face literalism long surrealism - 5854468096
Via Scribbliotti


cheese face forever alone gouda Hall of Fame meme similar sounding - 5383105280
By Unknown

He's My Favorite Marvel-Type Pokémon

Exeggutor face literalism Pokémon shoop similar sounding suffix Thor - 6415778048
By Faiz Faults
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