Hey excuse me, can eyebrows your computer? Mine stopped working. Well whether you tweeze them, wax them, burn them, thread them, or even tattoo them, eyebrows should not be underrated. All it takes is a perfectly solid line of hair above your eyes and you'll be the next viral meme. So learn from these people and take care of them.

Eyebrows Can Add a Ton

eyebrows evil skeletons web comics - 8281071616
Via Comic Shans

Sweet Eyebrows

dogs eyebrows huge wtf - 8231750912

Her Eyebrows Have Become Sentient

eyebrows gifs - 8017578240
Created by Iron-man01

You Are Browsing Too Hard

dogs eyebrows gifs stahp funny - 7876320512

Those Eyebrows!

mindwarp eyebrows gifs reactions funny - 7826331392
Created by anselmbe

An Interesting Way to Raise Your Eyebrow

wtf eyebrows Barbie funny - 7679115776
Created by Serrena

You Can't Control Your Feelings All The Time

eyebrows gifs funny faces - 7627305472
Created by ToolBee

Body Hair is Weird

wtf mindwarp eyebrows gifs funny - 7591602944
Created by behangin

Krist Novoselic of Nirvana Totally Looks Like Andy Kaufman

eyebrows Krist Novoselic andy kaufman totally looks like funny - 7451692544
Created by FreebirdBallin25

Brow, Do You Even Lift?

eyebrows bro lift funny - 7432298240
Created by CatFeeded

Leonardo Dicaprio's Eyebrows

leonardo dicaprio eyebrows gifs celeb - 7114523136
Via J G L

Quizical Cat Speaks

cat eyebrows Grumpy Cat - 7022808064
Created by Greencliff

Luminor Totally Looks Like Chris Motionless

eyebrows TLL - 7053640448
Created by ToxicPirateLuv

Worried Cat Totally Looks Like Martin Scorsese

cat eyebrows martin scorsese TLL - 7049008896

Eyebrow Cat Totally Looks Like Uncle Leo

eyebrows TLL seinfeld - 7030425856
Created by saucyjill

Now That's a Garbage Diet!

cool eyebrows gifs puns shredder food - 7022726400
Created by anthropocene