Hey excuse me, can eyebrows your computer? Mine stopped working. Well whether you tweeze them, wax them, burn them, thread them, or even tattoo them, eyebrows should not be underrated. All it takes is a perfectly solid line of hair above your eyes and you'll be the next viral meme. So learn from these people and take care of them.

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A Series of Oddly Hair Raising Eyebrows

So much pomade
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Funniest Memes for Crazy Girls Who Always Have Perfect Eyebrows

Funniest Memes for Crazy Girls Who Always Have Perfect Eyebrows

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TikTok where a skincare influencer talks about how she trained herself to not use the muscles in her face to avoid getting wrinkles

Freaky Skincare Influencer Trains Her Face To Not Express Emotions To Avoid Wrinkles

How far would you go to avoid aging? Most of us have at least some semblance of a skincare routine , while others break the bank on various exfoliators and lotions and goos. If you're really terrified at the prospect of getting lines on your face, you might invest in botox or even a facelift. No matter what lengths you'll go to to look young, you probably haven't gone as far as skincare influencer, Isabelle Lux . Along with an intensive beauty and skincare regiment, Isabelle Lux has quite liter…
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Funny and cringey photos of bad eyebrows | woman with worried expression standing behind Donald Trump | person with thick rectangular drawn eyebrows

Cringeworthy Eyebrows In Need Of A Trip To Sephora

You already know we included Leonid Brezhnev in this gallery.
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Okay Cosmo...

Cosmopolitan headline that reads, "These heavenly 'halo brows' are strangely beautiful" above pics of a girl with connected eyebrows that vaguely resemble a halo
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17 On-Fleek Makeup Memes That Are Guaranteed To MAC You Blush

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They Were Wrong

Funny meme about eyebrow that looks like a right triangle.
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I'm Like Frida Kahlo Close

funny memes eyebrows close to giving up

No Fiercer Foe

webcomic fighting eyebrows
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eyebrows hilarious Sexy Ladies wtf - 4905952512
Created by RulesofWar

What Are You Two Doing Without Eyebrows of Concern?

Cats eyebrows kitten gifs - 8561050624
Created by jyonasan1957

The Rare Strong Eyebrowed Pom Pom

dogs eyebrows gifs pomeranians - 8557247488

Birthdays Start to Burn

yikes birthdays FAIL eyebrows gifs fire - 8511211264

Good Training For Those Eyebrows

wtf eyebrows gifs walking Cats - 8457630720
Created by jyonasan1957 ( Via Youtube )

Why Are You Taking Pictures of Me, It Concerns Me

Cats cute eyebrows gifs - 8463406592

One Angry Bear

eyebrows bear angry funny - 8371291648
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