Got something in your eye? Well beauty is beholden within it, so be extra careful, and keep an eye out for these hilarious ocular puns and jokes


eww eye no no tubes Terrifying - 5269479424
By Unknown

The Real Reason Insomnia Exists

eye demon insomnia funny - 7821466368
By Unknown


eww eye gross smoking - 4474988544
By Unknown

Eye Know What Time it Is!

art best of week clock creepy eye wtf - 5186732032
By maxystone

Little Brother is Always Watching

eye kids Kids are Creeper Kids are Creepers Too little brother SOON when you see it - 6398475776
By Ben

The Great Eye Is Ever Watchful

photobomb eye funny shoulder gap - 7767963904
By Unknown

Rubbing Eye Rage

rage scumbag brain eye itch spicy food - 8264800000
By DissolveTheKitten

What Is Going on Here?

drawing wtf artist eye robots - 8009114624
By Unknown

Eye See What You Did There

photobomb eye funny shoulder gap - 7824710912
By Unknown

He Has His Eye on You

photobomb eye funny shoulder gap - 7820015872
Via ricscilicious

Eye See You!

photobomb eye funny - 7420222720
By Unknown

Surgery Is Weird

wtf eye surgery - 3058419968
By hazim78

Now I See Why You Said That!

contacts eye literalism advice lost - 7114649600
By Unknown

Eye See What You Did There

art paint eye - 7085864192
Via Reddit

Classic: How Cute

baby doll eye classic - 7039510784
By Unknown

Classic: Not in the Face!

face eye video game zelda - 5291693056
By Unknown
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