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37 Prehistoric Memes That Predate The Common Era

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A compilation of cute animal memes that don't include cats and dogs.

Animal Memes That Outright Exclude Cats and Dogs

Gatekeeping is sometimes necessary. I find it unquestionably necessary to gatekeep cat and dog memes from the rest of the animal memes. There is no shortage of lists displaying hundreds of thousands of dog and cat memes. If I were a betting man, I would say there are more cat memes than any other type of meme on God's green earth. I've got nothing against dogs or cats, but I have to ask, where are the worm memes? Where are the buffalo memes? When will the non-domesticated animal of the world ge…
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Entertaining Thread Contemplates The Wonders Of Evolution

Nature is magic
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Dank Wildlife Memes for Animal Lovers & Nature Freaks

Memes for people who'd rather be outside looking at bugs
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Darwin Was Right

Funny meme about how things don't change, they evolve, picture of a car seat evolving into a gamer chair.
Via u/bitchyanimedude
Funny memes about prehistoric animals, evolution | kids these days care too much about tik tok and not enough about tiktaalik Devonian era half-fish half-tetrapod transitioned vertebrates ocean land. | Nobody: Life as soon as Cambrian starts: made with mematic explosion

Sixteen Prehistoric Memes That Are Older Than Your Mom

Darwin would be proud.
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And Now We Have Staff Meetings

Funny meme that reads, "Fishes crawling out of water 460 years ago" above a still from the movie Ice Age where a character says, "Fin will be leg"
Via NothingButReactionGifs

Darwin Approves

Funny meme that reads, "'If you don't want to quarantine it's okay' - Charles Darwin" next to a photo of Charles Darwin
Via Ilgiovanipiero
danks for science and square nerds

17 Dank Science Memes For The Nerds And Squares

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Funny tweet about how evolution caused staff meetings.
Via distinguishedbaloney
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14 Enlightening Evolution Memes That Darwin Would Smile Down Upon

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The Creation of Dat Boi

Funny meme about dat boi.
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Bizzare dank memes you might not be fully ready for

15 Bizarre Dank Memes To Really Weird Up Your Day

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dank meme about the evolution of penguins

Trending Dank 'Evolution' Memes Will Make You Want To Defy Your Biological Destiny

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Checkmate, Creationists

Pic of a lizard wearing fake hands on its limbs with the caption, "Still don't believe in evolution?"
Via TwoShortOfAThreesome

Survival Of The Plainest

Funny meme about fish.
Via @emotionalclub
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