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Costco Employees Give An Amusing Rundown Of Their Returns Policy

Costco is truly a king among stores. If you qualify to apply for that sweet, sweet membership, you suddenly have a whole new world of discounts and tantalizing bulk items right at your fingertips. You never know what delights might find themselves in your shopping cart whenever your visit, but that’s all part of the wonder that is the Costco experience. Arguably, one of the best aspects of the store is its return policy. Its approach is so shockingly liberal that a video of two of its employees…
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Relatable Memes & Tweets For Worn Out Workers

Life's work and then you work
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Employees Share Horrific & Bizarre Incidents That Nearly Made Them Quit

Get these people a damn raise
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Imgur User Exposes Hank From 'King Of The Hill' As An Aggro Male Karen

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Caption that reads, "When you're not very good at your job but you're still better than everybody else" above a pic of three people playing Jeopardy where the winner only has $1
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Wow, So Charitable!

Tweet that reads, "Inspiring! This CEO saw one of his employees digging through the dumpster for food, so he bought her a headlamp to make it easier to sift through the garbage"
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Raise Your Hand if You Have a Job Like This

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They Do the Dirty Jobs

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Many of Us Have This Job

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Wow... Where Do You Work?

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