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Embarrassing Math Teacher Makes Students Cringe in Pain With Racist Roleplaying

High school teachers have to come up with all sorts of creative ways to capture the attention of detached teenagers. But surely racist stereotypes aren't the only way to teach math concepts. A painfully cringe video is making the rounds all over social media that features a math teacher from W. North High School in Riverside, CA 'war hooping and tomahawk chopping' all around her classroom. Though the purpose of the lesson doesn't seem too evident in the video, some have clarified that the teache
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25 Misspellings & Malapropisms That Led to Accidental Comedy

Bone Apple Tea
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Funny social media posts made by stupid people, stupid people on the internet insane people on facebook, cringe, twitter, fails | Can someone explain they got all ice through small hole need holy water @holywaterig Imagine being this stupid | 5m lol but where are tho? 1 4m Owh Chile 1 4m mean where do live 3m Chile 1 2m 's not even funny 's problem 2m Chile

Extremely Dumb Moments Of Pure Facepalm

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Cringey Multipanel Memes That Ramp The Secondhand Embarrassment Levels Up To Eleven

Just why.
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22 Funny Times Gullible People Totally Ate The Onion

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Idiotic Fan With Sign Gets Roasted for Causing Massive Tour de France Pileup

A facepalm heard across the world
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Funny FAILS, stupid moments, stupid social media posts, politics, stupid people, dumb people | SALUDYESPIRITU.COM Undercover cops posing as drug buyers are arrested by undercover cops posing as drug dealers x Payers | Frieza but Hooters uniform Jun 13 Hospital Frieza but Hooters uniform Jun 13 Decided poor contents snowglobe into glass and drink Will keep all updated on this goes loelter -LERCUP.COM 1K 27 60K 403.1K Posted r/Whatcouldgowrong by u/ChrisTweten reddit

21 Embarrassing Moments Of Unbridled Stupidity

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r/woosh, woosh, wooshed, jokes, fail, stupid people, dumb, memes, facebook fail, reddit, failbook, sarcasm, instagram, gullible, fail | InternetExplorer Yesterday at 10:49 pm s here 7946 SONY PLAY STAT IOn 3 AOXO 50 TRTIONn 3 80GB/80GO and 2.4K others 245 comments 792 shares Haha Comment Share Oldest 's ps3 | Cowboy Cow 0 475 41 Comments 173 Shares O Like Share Comment Thats fking horse

25 Times People Got Wooshed By Dumb Memes

These folks totally missed the joke
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Funny tweets about bad job interview experiences | tweet by so_bad_ass went an interview really hungover interviewer came meet and show room, she held out her hand guiding way my hungover state stood up and held her hand! Both us were too embarrassed let go so walked interview room hand hand. tweet by q1t3d0 Got date wrong, ended up at interview after dentist. Arrived late and flustered. 2-page questionnaire fill Stabbed finger lifting staple read 2nd sheet. Tried drink coffee

Twitter Users Share Their Worst Interview Horror Stories

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aita, am i the asshole, reddit, thread, funny comments, cringe, fail, facepalm, embarrassing, relationships, marriage | AITA leaving my husband grocery store because he started acting like toddler all go through phases and pick up annoying habits, and sometimes just need our loved ones gently tell us if picked up particularly egregious habit. Sometime last year, my husband has picked up habit where he talks like baby. At first funny, but passed into embarrassing, cringeworthy behavior quickly.

Woman Leaves Husband In Grocery Store For Literally Acting Like A Toddler

If you act like a baby, you're gonna be treated like one
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Funny Memes, Clever Comebacks, Facepalm, Funny Comments, Karens, Witty Replies, Roasts, Dank Memes | DEAR ATHEISTS is cavemen survived asteroid but dinosaurs didn't? Social distancing. They stayed 65 million years apart. 1h Haha | Does my friend look like Pocahontas? Billy J. White @9021hoee Nah. She look like people took her land though.

19 Dumb Declarations And Clever Comebacks

Got 'em.
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clever comebacks, witty comebacks, witty reply, reddit, twitter, funny tweets, burn, roast, facepalm, stupid people, funny comments, memes, karen | IndieWire Pattinson's 'Batman' Will Be So Raw and Not Sanitized Says Cast Member Peter Sarsgaard AMPAIGN Robby Slowik @RobbySlowik last thing world wants right now is raw, unsanitized bat | Snapchat: Fuck up Barbara 3m Like Reply Barbara She tried her best help and get feeling were probably bitch about hope they don't fire this young lady because

20 Clever Comebacks & Brutal Burns

People online flexing their wit
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Cringey and embarrassing, lol, funny, dank memes | @clease! Did still want come over tonight? So honestly l'm sorry but don't think this is going work Oh Yeah, there's something about just reminds more creature than girl lol Did just call fucking creature | pancakeke Follow kinda sad twitter and fb removed trump video considering 's only way eric trump ever gonna hear his dad say love very special" pancakeke Follow candybaggins Imagine being Eric Trump and hearing dad say not but strangers.

17 Sad Moments Of Pathetic Cringe

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Twitter thread of photos of Liam Neeson peeing himself, piss, funny, pissing himself, tweets, funny tweets, liam neeson peeing calendar | jesus was a juggalo @saint_porgy Love that there's like 20 separate photos of Liam Neeson pissing himself in public | More like liam peeson

Liam Neeson's Unapologetic Pants Pissing: A Thread

He truly does not give a sh*t.
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funny tweets, funny twitter, scandal, hilaria baldwin, alec baldwin, grifting, liars, yikes, wtf, embarrassing, funny, lol, identity, cringe, white people, fail | O save elena ilana alana alina elana (not) @lenibriscoe You have to admire Hilaria Baldwin's commitment to her decade long grift where she impersonates a Spanish person | Molly Lambert @mollylambert the beauty of the Hilaria Baldwin is we all know a boring American girl who decided she was actually "European" |

33 Funniest Twitter Takes On The Hilaria (Hillary) Baldwin Scandal

Twitter exploded with jokes after Baldwin admitted she was born in Boston
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Funny meme about Patrick Star, me after seeing my conversations where i expressed too much
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