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Mom Gains Fans For Biting Takedown Of Son On Nextdoor

Josh is yet to recover
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Aspiring Comedian Gets Roasted After Impromptu Stand-up Routine No One Asked For

Are Californians okay? When a projector malfunctioned in an AMC theater in Burbank on Wednesday, Tiffany King, a self-proclaimed psychic medium and comedian decided to rise to the occasion and become the entertainment of the night. Several people in the audience naturally whipped out their phones and documented the spectacle from many different angles. King didn't exactly tell jokes in her unsolicited stand-up routine. It was more like a chaotic tirade of absurd proclamations. “I joined the all…
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Egregious Liars Who Were Called Out For Their Crap

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Comically Brutal Rejections & Cringe of the Saddest Kind

Press 'F' to pay respects.
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Top GOP Lawmaker Goes Nuts on Referee at Son's Basketball Game, Tries and Fails to Pants Him

Funny video of Tennessee representative, republican Jeremy Faison, fighting with referee at son's basketball game
Via @HeartlandSignal
If you ever played sports as a kid, you're certain to remember that aggro dad who would get in the Coach or ref's face when they disagreed with a call. It usually happened when the call was not in favor of their progeny. And it was embarrassing as hell, especially for the child they're supposed to be rooting for. Tennessee representative and House GOP Chair Jeremy Faison emulated this type of dad perfectly a couple nights ago - and the footage is positively cringe. Faison goes in on the poor re…
Funny and cringey times people didn't know who they were talking to

Cringey Times People Didn't Know Who They Were Talking To

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Embarrassing Moments & Blunders Full Of Facepalm

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Dude gets dragged for complaining about his wife bringing lunch to work, embarrassment, marriage

Dude Dragged For Saying Wife Embarrassed Him By Bringing His Lunch to the Office

Dudes do not rock
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15+ People Being Deeply Embarrassing Online

Haven’t we learned yet?
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funny texts | tweet by Maurice @mo87mo87 most embarrassing email exchange ever had Sent an email They replied called Mautice reply with stink about my name is properly spelled and s actually really important They told check my 1st email had misspelled my own name. Paul Watson @paulmwatson Replying mo87mo87 should do Greta Oh no "Sharon" Thunberg and rename Mautice. My most embarrassing reply-all client saying client is bit huff

Twitter Users Bond Over Their Most Embarrassing Email Fails

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cringe, cringeworthy, embarrassing, sad cringe, funny posts, cringey memes, embarrassing, funny cringe, facepalm, yikes, oh god why, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter | Not sure if this is funny or cringe, but here goes >Do my squats 210 KB PNG >Make an audible fart trio young girls behind are giggling >Try play cool Hey, at least got this entire area myself shout at them while smiling >They look at with confusion and one them goes Well now smells bad here so nobody will disturb Um are

Unfortunate Posts That Really Bring the Cringe

Some truly facepalm-worthy moments
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20+ Facepalm Moments That Can't Be Taken Back

The world's biggest 'oof'
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Funny stories from /r/AskReddit of people who did embarrassing things | MissyDeanna 2y 34 years old and my Dad still tells following story doing dumb thing anyone willing listen 8 years old got pack Big League Chew gum hanging out garage with my Dad he saw about open gum he said Now whatever do, do not put this eye said ok won't then walked into house, went upstairs into my bathroom, chewed on ton gum, took out my mouth and put on my eye gum perfect texture sticky and stuck my eyebrow and all my

Embarassing Instances Of Absentminded Stupidity

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Humor-Filled Moments of Mortified People Dying Inside

Oh, the schadenfreude.
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Cringe: Girl Gets Giant Tattoo of Boyfriend's Name Just One Week Before Breakup

Some things are universally considered bad ideas. Dating a coworker. Eating certain foods on a date. Drunk texting an ex. And, of course, tattooing a partner's name to one's body. TikToker @..ashlyn.grace didn't seem to get the memo on that last one, and made a very, very large and very permanent mistake that goes all down her back. YALL- Okay so the video before said that “I got a tattoo of my exes name and we broke up in a week” YALL. PLEASE — jordy (@BROCKSQUADD) O…
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Past Posts & Opinions That Aged Like Spoiled Milk

Big oof
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