No One's Actually Trying To Be Helpful Here

Pie chart of reasons why people actually send emails with their boss CC'd
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Never Break The Chain

Funny meme about how moms forward emails.
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They've Been Real All Along

Meme - $43 million dollars found in empty Nigerian apartment, tweet making a joke about nigerian scammers.
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I'll Just Wait...

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Also, Try Again Later

web comics magic 8 ball Also, Try Again Later
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Presidential Hopeful Hillary Clinton is Straight Out of F**ks to Give About Her Email Servers

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demotivational work image enjoy
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This is Exactly How a Manager ISN'T Supposed to Talk to Their Coworker


Forward Those Chain Letters

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Email in Real Life is Something You Would Never Ever Want

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This is Like an Awkward Supernova

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Which One Are You?

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The Perils of Having a Common E-Mail Address

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Every Time

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Wow! Rude!

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