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Fed Up Professor’s Rant To Students Wins Admiration Of The Internet

I felt that.
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Gripping Scam Email Has People Applauding Its Creativity

Main character energy
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20+ Memes for People Who Stare at a Computer All Day

We see you.
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funny texts | tweet by Maurice @mo87mo87 most embarrassing email exchange ever had Sent an email They replied called Mautice reply with stink about my name is properly spelled and s actually really important They told check my 1st email had misspelled my own name. Paul Watson @paulmwatson Replying mo87mo87 should do Greta Oh no "Sharon" Thunberg and rename Mautice. My most embarrassing reply-all client saying client is bit huff

Twitter Users Bond Over Their Most Embarrassing Email Fails

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Woman Applies For Job In Beauty Boutique, Outs The Owner After They Accidentally Send Her Insulting Email

Talk about shallow.
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35 Bleakly Relatable Work Memes For 9-5 Warriors

This one's dedicated to the overworked and underpaid
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Imgur thread about an employer who tried to take back over time pay from one of their employees, employee proves that this action was not just according to Washington state law | Hi are reviewing payroll past few months ensure paid correctly and did find one issue with pay. were overpaid $248.24 over time on pay are planning on deducting this amount this current pay day. If would like us split this between two pay periods please let know by tomorrow.

Employee Points Out Boss' Mistake In Refreshingly Hopeful Thread

Always know your rights!
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Haha Take That

Funny memes, emails
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relatable, funny memes, email, work memes | How to Defend Against a Knife Attack wikihow gmail with 8754 unopened mails
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Clever Tweets For An Enjoyable Scrolling Experience

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Dat Quarantine Life

Funny meme about having to send one email for the whole day | tiny kitten struggling with weights the one email I have to send today
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christian girl takes over bachelorette party | 1. Sunday 12th have found an appropriate church and contacted Pastor there explaining out town, but still like attend services. Sunday 7:15 am be Ubering church.

Fanatical Christian Girl Sets G-Rated Ground Rules For Friend's Vegas Bachelorette Party

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Funny meme about replying to emails with picture of sad crying kid drawing with crayons
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Funny tweet about how there should be a "semi-exclamation point" used for work purposes, there really needs to be a semi exclamation point for when a period conveys too little enthusiasms in a work related email but using the full exclamation point makes you seem like a psychopath
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Memes To Help Start Your Day On A Funny Note

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24 Cool Memes For Cool People

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