Caption that reads, "'It's all good in the hood,' I replied cheerfully. But deep down I knew there were many socio-economic problems in the hood" above a pic of a black man crying
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When Will They Stop

Fake headline that reads, "Are Millennials killing the 'writing articles about the industries Millennials are killing' industry?"
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Seize The Means Of Production!

Caption that reads, "English teacher explaining proper nouns: 'Don't forget to capitalize!'" above a pic of Karl Marx
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Ya Don't Say!

Headline that reads, "Millennials didn't kill the economy. The economy killed Millennials" above a caption that reads, "The American system has thrown them into debt , depressed their wages, kept them from buying homes - and them blamed them for everything"
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Millennials Are PISSED About This Completely Idiotic News Headline

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Funny video from Cracked about Millennials killing the diamond industry.

This Clever Video Uses All Those Headlines About Millennials "Killing" Industries To Expose Their Hypocrisy

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They Didn't Bail You Out?

web comics economics They Didn't Bail You Out?
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Wild Ride of the Day: Black Monday Really Messed with the Internet's (and the Economy's) Emotions

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The Perfect Way to Fix the Economy

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This Conversation Happens Basically Every Time I Talk to My Parents

economy generations in this economy web comics - 8316603392
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WoW Logic

economy video games world of warcraft video game logic - 8169680896
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You Probably Even Want Clean Water, and a Warm Place to Sleep Like Some Sort of Celebrity

minimum wage economy web comics - 8151956480
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Super Endorsements

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Old Economy Steve

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Why Won't Anyone Listen to My Brilliant Plan?

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The Shocker

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