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Worker complains about living paycheck to paycheck, despite making $80K per year and paying $1175 a month in rent: 'This is extremely affordable living'

That's not a bad living
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'She fully intended to fly first class for economy prices': First-class airline passenger applauded after refusing to trade seats with an entitled mom

Is a first-class ticket worth your dignity?
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'I refuse the question': Legendary dude refuses to choose between LGBT rights and economic stability, enrages TikToker in the process

We're either living in a golden or dark age of “man on the street" interviews.
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TikToker Goes Viral for Proving That 'Girl Math' is Actually Legitimate Econ

The girlies are entering their finance era.
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44 Budget Traveling Memes for Globe Trotters With Middle Seats in Economy

Memes to scroll while you're waiting at your gate for 2.5 hours
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People Discuss What It's Like to Grow Up Poor

If you know, you know. Growing up without a lot of money is a pretty specific experience. Obviously, the degree to which you experienced financial woe is a sliding scale. No one person's experience is the same as the next. The main things that I remember, at least from childhood, are things like utilizing the free lunch program at school, receiving ridicule for what I was dressed in, never taking a vacation, living off the least expensive food possible, and having the not-so-quality house that…
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Frustrating Thread Reveals That Boomers Are Still Disgracefully Out of Touch

We're sad to report that the boomers still don't understand that things have changed in the past fifty years. It's as if nothing has happened outside of their lived experiences. “I made $10 an hour in 1970 and bought my own house by the time I was 30! If I did it, so can you.” You can try and explain to grandpa the concept of housing price inflation, or that $10 in 1970 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $77 today (which would be an annual salary of $148,379), but there's a strong chanc…
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People of Reddit discuss the value of one dollar in their countries, homelands, finance

People Discuss How Much (Or How Little) $1 Can Buy In Their Countries

If you ask anyone in the United States , they'll tell you that the dollar just isn't what it used to be. I used to be able to buy two big chocolate bars for that amount. Hell, I'd buy a pack of cigarettes for $4 when I was way too young to be smoking. That same pack is now $16 and change. Inflation is a b*tch. As many other people will have you know, that same dollar (or four quarters) can go a long way in other countries. Redditor u/sucka_3650 decided to investigate this discrepancy by asking…
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Elders Express Gratitude to Gen Y In Refreshingly Wholesome 'Boomer Vs. Millennial' Moment

Baby Boomers are defending Millennials? It's a Reddit miracle.
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People are shocked about rent increases across the country

Staggering Rent Increases Spark Outrage on Twitter

This should be - and might be - criminal.
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Frustrated Millennials Discuss The Most Annoying Stereotypes About Their Generation

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The Suez Canal Jam Is Twitter's New Favorite Relatable Meme

We all feel like that container ship right now
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Ha Ha Nothing To See Here!

Funny dank meme featuring a cruise ship in a narrow passage way where one side of the cliff represents "the crumbling economy," the other side represents "COVID-19," and the middle represents "Me and the boys playing video games like nothing's happening"
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Funny memes about communism | man in tiger costume scaring a cat memes about Communism co-worker just added as friend on Facebook | Stalin as Mii Wii player and console

Fourteen Communist Memes For The Hardworking Proletariat

Not me, us.
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Dank socialist and communist memes | edward full metal alchemist anime and fellow workers produce billions profit billionaires but can't afford healthcare is not law equivalent exchange. line of people under a billboard. Yeh, well under socialism be so poor have wait hours line brea WORLD'S HIGHEST STANDARD LIVING There's no way like American Way

Socialist Memes For People Who Like To Steal From The Hard-Working Elites

Commies unite!
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Nothing To See Here

Funny meme that reads, "*People thinking that immigrants are taking their jobs;* Robots: ..." above pics of the shifty-eyed monkey puppet
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