This is Normal for Apple

apple earbuds headphones sound users what - 6585074944
Created by simkhovich12

Dat Bass

bass earbuds headphones Rage Comics - 5261880832
Created by seidseit

And You're Listening to Bieber?

Bieber earbuds jimmy mcmillan meme Music the internets too damn high - 5230406400
Created by mcmagiccracker

At Least One Side Guaranteed to Work for Five Years

earbuds earphones fu guy headphones Rage Comics true story - 4945428736

Please Be In My Pocket

bus earbuds headphones ipod Rage Comics - 4914242560

We Are No Longer Dating

earbuds gross Rage Comics - 4900357376
Created by JP3000

Come With Me, Mr. President

earbuds headphones Rage Comics - 4867438592
Created by Touhatsu
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