Life Hack

Pics of a guy making fake Airpods out of Q-tips
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Are You Ready Kids?

'Epic Handshake' meme where one side represents the Pirate from the Spongebob theme song, the other represents "Airpods" and the middle represents "Not being able to hear you"
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Keep Close Kids

Caption that reads, "'Mommy why does that man have wires on his Airpods?' 'Come on kids, this neighborhood isn't safe'" above a pic of a fish family from Spongebob walking and wearing Airpods
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Screw You Apple!!

Tweet that reads, "Dropped my phone but guess who saved it? My earphones, the ones with wires"
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Where'd He Go?

web comics earbuds iphone Where'd He Go?
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But Hey, At Least the Cords Won't Get Tangled!

image technology wireless But Hey, At Least the Cords Won't Get Tangled!
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RIP Your Ears

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Get It?

buds earbuds web comics - 8433739008
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Re-Raged: It's So Cool When That Happens

Reframe Music me gusta earbuds bohemian rhapsody - 8425360896
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No Music For You!

rage Music expectations vs reality earbuds - 8417840896
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You Waited Until NOW?

rage Music earbuds talking driving dad - 8377488384

It's So Cool When That Happens

earbuds me gusta Music - 8343081984
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Where Do They Even Go?

earbuds lost - 8288682240

Of All the Places...

earbuds noise library - 8267586816
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This Happens in My Backpack Way Too Many Times

sick truth earbuds headphones web comics - 8195872256
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This Happens More Often Than it Should...

shoelaces earbuds - 8132951296
Created by waffleberryop
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