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Annoying Humble Braggers Who Aren't Fooling Anybody

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Dumb & Awkward Things That Aged Terribly

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Legend Nukes Job Interview with Whiny Boss, Gets Offered Position Anyway

Nobody wants to work anymore
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Stupid and Oblivious People Who Completely Missed the Joke

They got wooshed
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An Infuriating Collection Of Times Restaurants Used Anything But Plates

The struggle continues
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Funny and dumb memes and moments that are technically true | Something is definitely going on LADBIBLE.COM Mystery Monolith Utah Desert Appears Next Prehistoric Fortress Romania Top fan Pack can tell exactly 's going on. Someone's going round putting monoliths places. | HOLLYWOOD IS FAKE! Paid actors

Extremely Dumb Jokes That Are Technically True

They've got a point.
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A Handful Of Terrible Takes From Entitled Gamers

Eye roll material.
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A Cursed Collection Of Animals Going Goblin Mode

So powerful
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A Bunch of Controversial Reddit Posts to Do a Double Take At

Say what
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'Relatable' Mom Comic Complains About Peach-Eating Husband, Gets Memed to Oblivion

Eating food in your own house? Unthinkable!
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A Funky, Funny, and Strange Collection of Skeletons that Appear in Video Games

Real rib ticklers
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Bizarre And Amusing AI Greentexts That Could Pass For The Real Thing

>be robot
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A follow up to the story about how a new york transplant who doesn't understand bodegas got fired for his various tiktoks.

Bodega Hater Gets Fired From Startup, Sparking Debate Over Whether He Deserved It

Online mobs getting people fired is nothing new. Whether someone deserves to get fired over bad takes has always been an incredibly contentious debate.
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Article about a guy who doesn't understand what a bodega is and insults New York.

Oblivious Dude Can't Find Grocery Stores In New York City

Update: Some of the material in this article has been deleted by the original posters. We've published some developments on the story since the original publication. Moving to a new and unfamiliar place can be overwhelming. While there's no rulebook for adapting, it's common knowledge that when you are new to an area, it's advisable to sit back, take time to understand the neighborhood you're living in, and probably don't call places unfamiliar to you disgusting sh*tholes. Unfortunately, not ev…
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Scottish Woman Does Entertaining Takedown Of '5-Minute Crafts' Toilet Hacks

Holy moly
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Witty Wisecracks That Are Technically the Truth

No, no...they've got a point
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