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An Appalling Collection of the Purest Cringe

Feel the burn
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Wildest Posts From the Depths of Facebook (March 26, 2023)

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Niche Internet Microcelebrity Spotlight: Jeremy Fragrance

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Fussy Eater Enrages Internet by Filming Herself Gagging While Trying Sushi

How bad can it be?
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The Most Agonizing Examples of Cringe This Week (March 18, 2023)

Oh no
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The Most Entertaining Takes From TikTok This Week (March 16, 2023)

A lawless land
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Subway Rider Puzzles Twitter by Freaking Out at Lady Working on Laptop

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Bridezilla Bans Bridesmaid From Wearing Glasses, Gets Hit With Malicious Compliance

Some 'friend'
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typo, typos, words, grammar, spelling, misspelling, misspelt, misspellings, funny, dumb

15+ Wild Typos That Truly Boggle the Mind

Spleling good
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'Leave your phone here and go be present': Ad for Fancy Phone Prison Gets Mocked by Twitter

Innovation of the century
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The Worst Examples of Cringe This Week (February 25, 2023)

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YouTuber Alpha M Gets Roasted for Videos About Cheating on Wife

Engagement bait goes crazy
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Wordsmiths Goof Around With the 'Most Versatile' Phrase in the English Language

Shakespeare could never
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Stupid People Getting Called Out For Being Terrible Liars

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The Most Dastardly Examples of Cringe This Week

Here we go again
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Moments of Cringe to Make Us Feel Better About Our Own Sad Existence

Everything is embarrassing
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