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15+ Wild And Wacky “Wyd After Smoking This” Memes

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25+ Impressive Instances Of DIY That Tow The Fine Line Between Genius And Madness

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Dramatic Response To Realizing Woman Has A Boyfriend Bamboozles Twitter

Down bad
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15+ Steam Reviews From Entertainingly Troubled Gamers

Thumbs up
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Hooters Waitress Takes Down MMA Fighter For Claiming She Tried To Give Him Her Number

Politeness ≠ flirting
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People Contemplate How Wind Works in Comically Innocuous Thread

Wind. How does it work? It's the sort of question that makes you scoff at first—'of course I know what wind is!' But then after a few moments of trying to formulate the definition in your mind, you start to second guess yourself. 'It definitely has something to do with the sun. And pressure. It's air, but like, moving.' When I saw @zachsilberberg's tweet admitting he doesn't totally understand what wind is, I had to take a moment to channel my inner second grader and remember all those cartoony
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Wily British Man Steals Neighbor’s Mushrooms, Exposes The Absurdity Of Village Life

Looks like a fun guy
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Starbucks Drive Thru Prank Sparks Joyful Thread On All The Best Uses Of Googly Eyes

Universal humor at its finest.
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Funny design fails, weird images, more questions than answers, cursed images | MEN BECAUSE MEN WOMEN ARE ALWAYS LEFT RIGHT | toilet paper roll hidden inside a cabinet by a toilet

Weird Fail-Filled Images That Left Us With Questions

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Humorous Thread Contemplates The Awkwardness Of Settling Into A New Job

It's a minefield.
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Exceptionally Dumb And Amusing Snapchats

10 seconds to make it count.
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Man Quits $100K Job, Begs Logan Paul To Hire Him

Some say that the only difference between bravery and stupidity is whether you succeed or not; often, that can seem like a very fine line. However, few cross it in the spectacular fashion of Austin Wallace, who recently and very publicly did the unthinkable in the name of making it in the content creation world. Speaking on his TikTok account @aj_wallace69 , he revealed how at the age of 22, he had quit his £100K a year job to travel to LA and ask Logan Paul if he would hire him. The video show…
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Man Gets Roundly Dunked On For His Criticism Of Liberal Arts Degrees

The sciences versus the arts debate is a tale as old as time. We all know the drill by now: those who study STEM subjects are clever with no people skills and the students pursuing arts and humanities are deluded idiots who will never get a "real" job. You might think the argument is starting to get pretty dull, but it doesn't stop people from finding increasingly obscure reasons to point out just how dumb the other side is. The latest advance in this never ending battle has come from @chrisman…
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Woman Shares Every Dumb Thing That Made Her Landlord Take From Her Deposit

It’s a sad fact of life that renting a home can be a complete nightmare. Even when you find a place you can afford, the hoops you have to jump through to get what you paid for can verge on the ridiculous. Sometimes, getting a decent landlord can seem like a lost cause — so the least you can do is laugh when they try to screw you over. This was the attitude of @ matildaaahh2001 when she received an email detailing what her and her housemates were being penalized for when they moved out of their …
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Funny social media posts made by stupid people, stupid people on the internet insane people on facebook, cringe, twitter, fails | Can someone explain they got all ice through small hole need holy water @holywaterig Imagine being this stupid | 5m lol but where are tho? 1 4m Owh Chile 1 4m mean where do live 3m Chile 1 2m 's not even funny 's problem 2m Chile

Extremely Dumb Moments Of Pure Facepalm

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Cringey Multipanel Memes That Ramp The Secondhand Embarrassment Levels Up To Eleven

Just why.
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